It’s April 1972. On the back of Spain’s recent tourism boom the country now feels much closer to the rest of Europe and the world. And it’s not just a feeling either: economic conditions have improved greatly, and along with them the spending power of a large part of the population. This has in turn bumped up everyone’s aspirations. People are now anxious for change.

This is the backdrop for the arrival of the classic car SEAT 127; a car that will win the hearts of the Spanish people in record time. With an acceleration of 0 to 50,000 units in just six months, the huge demand for this model will see staff numbers at SEAT rocket.


The SEAT 127 is the first SEAT front-wheel drive. Gone are the days when some drivers placed a bag of cement in the car for balance. The new vehicle is safe, with precise handling, nippy in traffic, comfortable, modern and economical. And it brings together such seemingly irreconcilable features as a roomy interior and a modest exterior, at just 3.5 m, making it ideal for city driving, whilst maximising the use of space (80% habitable space in the interior) making it perfect for long journeys.

What’s more, it has so many versions that it can satisfy very different drivers’ styles and tastes in equal measure. The original two-door fastback model was soon joined by a three door hatchback in 1973, complete with direct access to the boot from inside the car, as well as a four-door version.


The second series, appearing in 1977, will be available in three and five door versions. Its reclining backseats will make it more multipurpose than its predecessors (and that is saying something).

Four years later will see the launch of the SEAT 127 Fura, with a more modern look and feel, along with its sports version, the Fura Crono. This will be the third and last series to be manufactured, but not without its spin-off: the launch, in 1983, of the Fura Dos. This newly empowered model will proudly exhibit the essence inherited from the original SEAT 127, an idol revered by the masses that became the first SEAT car to rack up sales of 1 million units.

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