If you had lived in Spain in November 1953, you’d have walked outside in the morning of Friday the 13th and paid about 50 cents or half of a peseta (or 5 Euro cents) for a cup of coffee and a little more for the newspaper. If you had bought tickets for the internationally known Christmas lottery "El Gordo" that year, you could have aspired to a jackpot of 15,000,000 pesetas (90,000 euros). But of course you could have only won if you had purchased the number 03270 (that year’s winning number).

Something interesting could have happened to you that morning; you could’ve been the first to admire the elegance of the brand new SEAT 1400.
Because the SEAT 1400 was a car designed to transportSpain’s government officials and its price was unattainable for the average Spaniard in 1953: 121,900 pesetas (about 41,000 euros today).


The SEAT 1400 was launched with a 4-door version, with a 4-cylinder in-line engine, 44 hp at 4,400 rpm and 4 gears. And a top speed of 44… nope: 125 km per hour.

But don’t worry: there will soon be more and better SEATs. After all, this is just the first (the very first) of the 17 million that the brand would produce until 2015. Just imagine how technology was going to evolve, going from 925 employees and 5 cars manufactured per day ... to 14,000 employees and 2,000 units per day!


You will have 11 more years to appreciate and admire one of the classic jewels of automotive since 1964 that will mark the end of the production of the 1400. Maybe one day you’ll hail a taxi (something that made the model famous), accompany your wife to the delivery room or attend any other special event... and you’ll find the SEAT 1400 in one of its many variants.

Until another sunny morning, years later, with your newspaper tucked under your arm and after a warm cup of coffee, something curious happens and you discover one of the great successors of the elegant 1400. An elegant sedan with more features than any car of its time and with a design inspired by the stylish American cars of the day. A car designed to make you dream.

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