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Full Connectivity

Your Arona. Always connected.

Expand your horizons with SEAT CONNECT. Stay on track and up to date with the infotainment system and connect remotely via your smartphone through the SEAT CONNECT App.

Start enjoying SEAT CONNECT

Remote access services

Your car. Always within reach.

For a life lived on the move. The Remote access services allow you to manage your vehicle from wherever you are.

  • Who needs a key when you’ve got a smartphone? Tap the screen to lock or unlock your Arona.
  • Forgot where you parked? Use Parking Position to reveal the location.
  • Check up on lighting, doors and windows status.

Safety & Service

Live is for living.

The latest safety features from SEAT are designed to take the stress out of driving. So you can focus on the drive, safe in the knowledge that we have you covered in any emergency.

  • Stay safe, stay connected. Private emergency call automatically connects with the emergency services if it detects an accident.
  • Any questions? Press the Customer Care button to put you in touch with SEAT Service.
  • Press the breakdown call button to contact our call centre for help.

Online infotainment services

Knowledge is power.

Drive connected. Stay ahead of traffic while getting the most out of your playlist.

  • Get online traffic information and real-time updates on road conditions.
  • The navigation system recalculates journey times, always taking you on the quickest route.
  • Quick and easy connection to AppleMusic™, TIDAL™ and internet radio.

Enrol your car now.

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