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Same is boring.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. Perfect the inside. Polish the outside. Make your Mii your own. A dynamic and fluid design. Just like the world around you.


Change roof colour

Exterior customisation

How do you express yourself?

Is it your cool style? Your bright attitude? Choose a roof in Black or White and tell the world.

Change roof colour

Exterior colours

Fashions fade. Style is forever.



Standard in:

Optional in:

Change style

Interior colours

Life’s better in colour.

Style or Chic? Each trim comes with its own colour and upholstery combo. How about the bold red details of the FR-Line? The choice is yours.

Change style


They see me rolling.

Your wheels take you where you want to go. Choose one of four high-performance wheels to take you there in style. It’s time to be unforgettable.

15” Enjoy 10/03 Machined Atom Grey

Standard in: Chic

Optional in:

15” Enjoy 10/03 Machined Atom Grey

Standard in: Chic

Optional in:


Packed with personality.

Streetwise style.

Machined wheels for an active urban environment.

Along for the ride.

Extra space makes passengers feel at home.

Here comes the sun.

A great way to catch some rays.

Everything, everywhere.

All you need for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Interior design

Your way is the only way.

Life’s too short to sit and wait. Start moving now in your choice of stylish seat upholstery. From the elegant look of Chic Nature to the dynamic & sporty FR-Line, comfort has never looked and felt so good.
SEAT Mii, upholstery cloths Suni Style interior seat design
SEAT Mii, upholstery cloths Nature Chic interior seat design
SEAT Mii, upholstery cloths Cloth Black Comfort FR-Line interior seat design


Standard in:

Optional in:

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