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Premium sound system that features 6 powerful speakers, a 300W amplifier and a 10-litre subwoofer in the boot.


DriveMii app

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Application that lets you connect your smartphone to your Mii so you can easily stay in touch.


4 Airbags

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Reliable front and side airbags that protect you from all sides.


Cruise Control

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System that offers extra comfort on the road by maintaining a constant speed with zero effort.

Available trims

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It’s time to turn heads.

Trendsetters don’t follow. Set your own style with the SEAT Mii Collection.

See the creativity


Technology moves you.

Where does your journey lead? The SEAT Mii's got the tools to get you started. Let’s go.


Make your mark.

You've got the style to go forward with confidence. Safe and secure every step of the way.


Why not have it all?

Sustainability and style become one. Less fuel. Fewer emissions. More fun.


This is Mii. For you.

Details make all the difference. Top-to-bottom customisation makes your Mii unique. Just like you.

SEAT Service

Back on the road.

Life doesn’t stand still, so why should you? Leave your worries at the door. SEAT Service gets you moving again.

Want to learn more about the SEAT Mii?

Our global range of cars and product specifications varies from country to country. Please, visit your local SEAT website to know more about the product offer available for you.