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Full Connectivity

Your Tarraco. Always connected.

Expand your horizons with SEAT CONNECT. Stay on track and up to date with the infotainment system and connect remotely via your smartphone through the SEAT CONNECT App.

Remote access services

Your car. Always within reach.

For a life lived on the move. The Remote access services allow you to manage your vehicle from wherever you are.

  • Leave a window open? Need to fill up? Now you can check your car's security and fuel level on your smartphone with the SEAT CONNECT App.
  • Use Parking Position to display the location of your Tarraco.
  • Keep calm and carry on with what you’re doing. Your Tarraco will warn you through your smartphone if it detects a theft situation when you’re away.

Safety & Service

Enjoy worry-free driving.

It's always good to know you're covered. Our latest safety technology helps save precious time in the event of an emergency, no matter how unlikely it is to happen.

  • Stay safe, stay connected. Private emergency call automatically connects with the emergency services if it detects an accident.
  • Service Scheduling for when you need to schedule a check-up.
  • Press the breakdown call button to contact our call centre for help.

Online infotainment services

Knowledge is power.

Drive connected. Get traffic updates while en route and see more details on the service stations around you. Because it's always useful to know what's up ahead.

  • Your Tarraco calculates the shortest route according to real-time traffic situations.
  • Find the nearest petrol stations, their opening times and their price at the pump.
  • Manage your music and your navigation maps via the infotainment system.

Want to learn more about the SEAT Tarraco?

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