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No regrets. Just experiences.

Looking for something different? Whichever new road you take, you can equip your SEAT Tarraco to take you all the way.

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Exterior customisation

Comfortable in your own skin?

Unique and sophisticated moulding on your fog lights, side doors and hatch door. For a look that’s all yours.

Make it fit

Boot solutions

No reason not to take it all.

Nothing gets left behind. Multifunctional boot accessories, nets and elastic bands provide easy solutions for every situation.

Make it fit

Upper tray in boot

Space for everyone to grow.

Got extra equipment? Two layers of storage give you and your passengers one more reason to go out and follow your passions.

Extra transport

No time like the present.

Why wait for later? When you add a ski rack, bike rack, surf rack or roof box, you never lose track of what matters most.

Floor mats

Looking good. Top to bottom.

It’s all in the details. Floor mats add the finishing touch to your SEAT Tarraco’s sophisticated look.

Front & rear mudflaps

Tired of the beaten path?

New roads aren’t always easy. Mudflaps in the front and rear protect your SEAT Tarraco from flying debris.

Discover the SEAT MÓ eKickScooters range.

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