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What keeps you connected?

Your world is made up of hundreds of connections that help you move in new ways. And now SEAT CONNECT is here to add one more: you and your car.

Range of benefits

All you need. All in one place.

Going digital? With SEAT CONNECT, you can manage safety, comfort and remote access to your vehicle, entirely from your smartphone.



  • Vehicle status (including doors & lights): Check your vehicle status from any location at any time. In addition to the time and mileage until next service due, you can view the status of doors, windows and lights.
  • Driving data: Optimise every drive by checking average speed, total driving time, total distance travelled and average overall fuel economy – even from outside your vehicle.
  • Parking position: Can’t remember where you parked? Easily locate your vehicle’s last known position and see how to get there.
  • Remote climatisation: Get your car ready to go by heating or cooling the interior before you even leave the house.
  • e-Manager: Like to plan ahead? Start charging your electric car’s battery and check its status directly from your phone.
  • Departure times: Set a unique or reoccurring time to depart so your car can charge its battery and climatise the interior before you even get in.

Ready to try it?

Get SEAT CONNECT with your SEAT.

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