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Apprentices School.

Apprentices School

If you want to start your professional career at SEAT, we offer you the Dual High-Level Vocational Training Programme (CFGS) with which you will be able to obtain a double official degree that is valid in Spain and Germany (through the German Chamber of Commerce).

The Apprentice School is a private center of excellent vocational training, with public access. The teaching is free of charge and at the expense of the company. We proudly call ourselves a high-performance center for young professional technicians.

The dual training at the SEAT Apprentice School combines in-school theoretical training with on-the-job training, and helps students to acquire solid professional experience. The teaching plan divides time allocated to training and work equally.

Our training offer: 

Four Dual High-Level Vocational Training Programme training cycles.

Industrial Mechatronics – Professional field: 

Installation and Maintenance.

Automation and Industrial Robotics – Professional field:

Electricity and Electronics.

Production Programing in Mechanical Manufacturing – Professional field: 

Mechanical Manufacturing.

Automotive – Professional field: 

Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance. This specialty is taught biennially.

What do we offer?

3-year program

Labor Contract for Training and Learning, with fixed financial compensation.

Practical work in our plants - beginning with the first course.


Between 18 and 21 years old.

Accreditation of personal academic situation that allows access to the Dual High-Level Vocational Training Programme.

Good academic record.

Limited places - Entry to program through selection process.

This program is currently only available in Spain and the application process is in Spanish. Additional information is available in Spanish at the link below.