The SEAT Group advocates a corporate compliance culture, binding itself by both domestic and international legislation, and by internal regulations of the Company and the Volkswagen Group. For this reason, we make available to our customers, business partners and third parties, the following points of contact:

Customer Service Channel

Do you have problems arose with the workshop or the authorized dealer where you bought or repaired your car? Do you have any question about our cars or services?

For these situations, you can contact with our Customer Service team when you need it by e-mail (

Additionally, you can also contact us by filling in out a form through the following link.

Whistleblowing channels

Are you aware of the existence of founded evidence which concerns corruption or other possible irregularities, non-compliance or any behavior against the law, the principles set out in our Code of Conduct or rules governing SEAT Group?

We believe that transparency and trust are essential to the sustainability and long-term success of the Company, therefore the SEAT Group provides its employees, business partners and other interested third parties with its Anti-corruption Guideline (English version / German version) as well as with the following whistleblowing channels.

The whistleblowing system of SEAT Group is governed, among others, by the principles of fairness, presumption of innocence, proportionality and protection of informant's identity. The information received will be handled ensuring maximum confidentiality.

This whistleblowing system is available to employees, business partners and other interested third parties. They can communicate the existence of irregularities or infringements through the internal and external reporting channels provided.

Internal whistleblowing channel: TRANSPARENCIA@SEAT.ES is internally managed by the Compliance department of SEAT. Compliance analyses the plausibility of the complaints received and, if they were founded, it would refer them to the competent investigation units to open an investigation.

For questions regarding the operation of this channel, you can contact by phone (+34 900 103 220).

External whistleblowing channel: OMBUDSMAN SYSTEM

In addition to, the SEAT Group has an Ombudsman (Swedish word which means "commissioner" or "representative"), through which whistleblowers can send hints.

Our Ombudsman Dr. David Velázquez, is a judge on leave of absence, independent lawyer and Doctor of Law who has been appointed for his extensive professional experience. He is bound by the oath of professional secrecy to keep strictly anonymous the identity of informants, if requested, and treat the data provided in the strictest confidence.

It is possible to contact our Ombudsman by telephone or e-mail:

The informants of issues related to SEAT Deutschland GmbH and SEAT Deutschland Niederlassung GmbH must turn to the whistleblower system of the Volkswagen Group whose information and contact details can be found at the following link: