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With the free My SEAT App application and DataPlug you can convert your SEAT (from 2008) into a connected car. Easily via Bluetooth, you can use several app functions like: Cost Monitor, know at anytime your Vehicle Status and contact your favourite SEAT Service.

My SEAT App provides the following functionalities:  «Vehicle status*, Metrics*, Cost Monitor, Interactive Manual, Maintenance, Book an appointment, Roadside Assistance, Accident Report and Help».

The functionalities with the * symbol require the conection of the DataPlug. You will find more information regarding each functionality in the corresponding FAQ's category.

You will need the following components:

- A smartphone with at least Android (version > 5.0) or iOS (version > 9.0) operating system.

- My SEAT App installed from Playstore (Android) or Apple Store (iOS) on your smartphone.

- A My SEAT DataPlug (Available at any Official SEAT Service).

- A SEAT vehicle compatible with SEAT DataPlug. You can check your car's compatibility in the following address: www.seat.com/myseatapp 

You can find more information about My SEAT App and individual compatibilities on our home page: www.seat.com/myseatapp

In general, you can find the software version on the smartphone setting section.

Android: Settings → About Phone

iOS: Settings → General → Information

Currently, My SEAT App is not compatible with electric or hybrid vehicles. But don't worry, we are working on it so you can also enjoy all its benefits soon.

You can ask for the DataPlug price at your SEAT service partner or dealer. The application and its functions are completely free. In case of Road Side Assistance call, the application will inform you if it incurs an additional cost.

Take into consideration that the smartphone needs to have internet connection with mobile data to use My SEAT App.

Currently, My SEAT App is available in several European countries and in some others outside of Europe such as Mexico.

You can also check all the availabilities on our home web page www.seat.com/myseatapp.

My SEAT App is avaiable in Apple Store for iOS devices and in Google Play for Android devices.

In order to work properly, My SEAT App requires you to:

- Enable mobile data  in order to have internet connection.

- Accept location concent from the app and activate your GPS signal.

- Allowall notifications from the app.

- Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone.

After downloading and installing My SEAT App, on your first log in you will be guided step by step to connect DataPlug.

It's very easy: Sit inside your SEAT, open the app and have the DataPlug ready, package included.

First, insert the DataPlug in the OBD2 port. In the most SEAT models, the connection is on the driver side footrest. Then, enable the Bluetooth and GPS on your smartphone and start up the engine of your SEAT. Once the vehicle is running, select "Connect My SEAT DataPlug" and introduce the 8 digit PIN that can be found in the DataPlug or on one of the package sideways. Confirm this step in your application. The Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and DataPlug will be established as soon as you click on «Connect My SEAT DataPlug». 

Notice: The pairing process can last up to 2 minutes. 

In My SEAT App, you will see that the smartphone icon  in the top-left corner will be in green if the connection has been stablished or in grey  if the application is not connected to the DataPlug . Furthermore, if you access to your "Garage" section when you click on your vehicle image it will show you the status of each of your vehicles and if they are connected via DataPlug or Manual VIN.

Each user can add up to 4 vehicles on My SEAT App. In the home screen you will be able to see the data of the vehicle selected and from "garage" section you will be able to manage the rest of the vehicles. 

My SEAT App can only be paired to a unique DataPlug at once. To connect the app to other DataPlug, you will need to unpair it from the previous vehicle. Furthermore, 2 phones can't be connected with My SEAT App to a unique DataPlug simultaneously.

Everytime SEAT launches a new app update you should download it from the corresponding Marketplace of your smartphone (Google Play Store or Apple Store).

These downloads can be set as automatic from the own Marketplaces.

For Android devices, even if the app is closed, if the Bluetooth is still enabled the application will automatically connect to the DataPlug and still save all your statistics and notifications in case any car incidence ocurs.

Users can only see the data that they have been sending to their smartphones.

The DataPlug is an OBD (on board diagnose) connector, that has to be connected into the diagnose connection (OBD2 interface) of your SEAT. During your trip, it compiles different information and sends it via Bluetooth to your smartphone. This information allows you to, for example, check your daily fuel consumption and mileage or check your vehicle status.

My SEAT App is compatible with almost all new and used SEAT vehicles made in 2008 or after, with both diesel and petrol engines. In lots of new car deliveries the DataPlug is included. Your SEAT dealer will be delighted to inform you if the DataPlug is also included in the serial equipment of your new vehicle.

You can find more information about our models compatibility in: www.seat.com/myseatapp.

After the correct pairing of your smartphone, the Bluetooth pairing will never take more than 5 seconds. If the connection is interrupted, i.e. when the vehicle is left, it will be restablished as soon as you return.

As soon as you start you car, the DataPlug sends information to your smartphone.

With an active connection, you can connect other devices (i.e. hands free device) to your vehicle.

You just need to turn off your SEAT and take the DataPlug out of the OBD2 port.

Only one simultaneous active connection is possible with a smartphone. However, you can disconnect the current active connection at anytime and restablish it with a new/different smartphone (analogous to the initial kick off).

Take into account: If there are several smartphones paired to the vehicle, the pairing will always be done with the closest smartphone to the DataPlug.

We are sorry, but the Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the DataPlug can't be transfered to another smartphone. If you change your smartphone, you should connect My SEAT App application to your DataPlug again.

The users only see the data that has been sent to their own smartphones.

The services integrated in My SEAT App will only function with the combination of the corresponding SEAT DataPlug. At first you can use other manufacturer's DataPlugs combined with their corresponding services. However, we warn you that SEAT is not responsible for any damage that other unaffiliated DataPlugs can cause to the vehicle.

The DataPlug is turned off as soon as the car is off. Its light is turned off in order to avoid battery consumption.

DataPlug updates are automatic. A message will show up on your block screen and also a push notification in the app. As soon as the app pairs with the car, the DataPlug software will automatically update. To successfully complete the software update, your car engine has to be turned on while the update lasts. If the automatic update doesn't work for the DataPlug, you can manually start the software update at  «Settings» -> «DataPlug» -> «Software update». The update can last up to 1 minute. Once the update has finished, a message will be shown on your smartphone informing you that the update has been successfully completed. Now you will be able to use the app functionalities as usual.

There is no user limit that can use the same DataPlug. However, several users can't connect simultaneously, only one can be paired to the DataPlug at  a time.

Your SEAT ID & CUPRA ID is your individual access to SEAT & CUPRA digital world. It allows you to easily log in to SEAT & CUPRA applications and webpages. Your SEAT ID & CUPRA ID account contains your personal data (phone number, address, etc.), your settings and preferences or information from the apps linked to your account.

For more information visit the following link: https://seatid.vwgroup.io/landing-page

My SEAT App collects data from your vehicle when the Bluetooth connection is enabled, the DataPlug is paired and the engine is on. However, for security reasons, the DataPlug will only send data to My SEAT App when the car speed is 0. In the moment the engine is off, the DataPlug stops transferring information.

Your data is automatically saved every so often. However, in order to reduce to the minimum the mobile data consumption, larger data is only saved in WLAN.

You just need to install My SEAT App on the new device and log in with your username and password. Your saved data will be automatically transferred.

It depends on the information. The expenses and statistics data of the car will be automatically saved and should appear on your new device. On the other hand, the accident report data is saved on your device and it's not transfered from one to another.

The data saved is independent from the platform and can be brought from one system to other.

The data is always linked to a user, thus, it only will be visible for the account owner.

In this section you will be able to manage your SEAT vehicles and select the one you want to use. You will be able to add up to 4 vehicles via SEAT DataPlug or introducing  the car VIN manually.

You will be able to access to Garage section by clicking on the name of your vechicle or on its picture on the main page.

Both in the main page and the Garage section you will see an icon with the shape of a smartphone next to your vehicle name. This icon will be green if your vehicle is connected with the DataPlug and grey if it's not connected.

In the Dealer section you will find all the contact information for your preferred/Favourite Dealer. You will also be able to book an appointment from this section.

In the same section, you can: access a regional map which details all the official SEAT dealers in your country, select any other dealer as your preferred favourite or just look for their contact information and location.

You will need to enable the GPS signal and make sure the location permission on your smartphone is activated within the My SEAT App.

Will be able to help you with any problems that you may have with your vehicle. They will also be there to provide you with all of the necessary support.

You can select another Dealer as your “Favourite Dealer” at any time by going to the Dealers section.

Of course. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to the Dealers section.

2. Check the box "All".

3. Look for the dealer you want, select them and click on "More Information".

4.Then, to select them as your Favorite Dealer just click "Select as my favorite"

The My SEAT App only shows the contact information for official SEAT dealers.

The My SEAT App only shows the dealer's contact information so you can call them from your phone. Call expenses are subject to your local phone rates and tariffs: call cost has no relation to the app.

My SEAT App allows you to book an appointment at any Official SEAT Service centre. Once you select an appointment date, the dealer will then contact you to set your preferred/available time.

You can book an appointment within the My SEAT App in the following ways: 

1. From the Dealers section, you can select any dealer and book an appointment.

2. Through any offer you will be able to book an offer-related appointment at your favourite dealer.

3. From the Maintenance section, you can book a maintenance-related appointment at your favourite dealer.

4. You can also book an appointment from an alert to fix a specific problem.

The selected date is whichever you have requested. Once the appointment request has been made, the dealer will then contact you in order to offer you a date suited to your request and according also to the availability of the dealer.

Of course. Your favourite dealer will be shown as predefined, but you can select any other dealership too: whatever works best for you.

This functionality is not available yet. In this case, you will have to call the dealership to cancel your appointment.

The dealer will receive:

* Your VIN number

* Your desired date

* The stated reason for your appointment

* Your name and surname

* Your telephone number

* Your email address

* Related offer (in case it has been booked through an offer)

In cases where an appointment booking is made from an alert, apart from the information listed above, the dealer will also receive the following :

*Alert code

*Alert emergency

*Alert description

*Vehicle km


The Metrics section details the most relevant metrics for your vehicle, such as your average consumption, total mileage and average speed. Here, you will also be able to review your monthly data, along with further stats from all of your trips.

In order to gain access to this information your vehicle needs to be connected via the DataPlug.

The data shown throughout the metrics section relates to all the information gathered and transferred via the DataPlug. For this reason, if the DataPlug is not connected every single day it's possible that some data will be missing.

Metrics information will be updated automatically every time you use your vehicle, as long as your smartphone is connected to the DataPlug.

The Car Manual section allows you to download an interactive manual for your vehicle within the My SEAT App. This way, you will then be able to quickly check any doubts or problems that you have regarding your vehicle in a few short clicks.

You will basically find sliding images with some dots on them. Each dot represents a specific part of the car. When you select one of these dots, for example the wheel, all the related information about your car’s wheel will be displayed.

To access your car's manual, you will need to add your vehicle via the DataPlug pairing process. You can also do it by introducing your car's VIN number manually. Once you’ve done this, you will then be able to access the Manual section where it can be downloaded.

Yes. The manual you will see is specific to your vehicle model and year.

Yes. If you scroll down to the bottom of the Manual section you can find a downloadable PDF version.

The interactive manual is only available for models from 2016 onwards. If your car model is from before this year, you will only be able to view the PDF version.

In addition to the driver’s car manual (interactive or PDF) you can also find your radio manual and rescue sheet.

In this section you will find a detailed explanation of all of the symbols that can appear in your car’s instrument panel/cluster. So, check their meaning in advance and read up on further specifics within your car's manual in case you have any doubts.

This issue is usually related to a problem with your internet connection. So, make sure you have a good internet signal and try to refresh the section. You should also confirm that you have successful paired and registered your car within the My SEAT App.

To access the Settings section all you have to do is click on your avatar's image (Profile).

In this section you can activate or deactivate notifications, change your language and county, and check all legal and technical information about the My SEAT App.

Yes. You can activate or deactivate whichever notifications you like. But bear in mind that if you deactivate notifications you will not be able to enjoy all the advantages of the My SEAT App.

Of course you can. Whenever you want to manage your authorisations/permissions, you can access them from the Settings section. You just have to click on Permissions and the app will send you to your SEAT ID profile, where you can make all the modifications you want.

It depends on the country. Some regions have more than one language and others don't. If you would like to select another language and it is not currently available, please contact our customer care team through your app.

In order to access the Help Section you just have to click on your avatar's image (Your profile picture).

In this section you will find all the information you need to solve any doubts. It tells you how you can access the right customer care support and lets you know what to do if you require assistance in case of an accident. The information in this section covers:

- SEAT Roadside Assistance Call button

- Emergency Call button

- Customer Care Call button

- Customer Care email contact

In addition, you will also find another link for the "Accident Report" section. If you have any doubts about this section please jump to its specific FAQs.

In case any call has an extra cost, the My SEAT App will inform you before performing it.

The Roadside Assistance Call button in the My SEAT App allows you to contact SEAT's Roadside Assistance. This service may have a cost if it is not included in your current contract. You will also be able to call freely to any other service from your smartphone.

When you make the call, if all permissions are enabled the My SEAT App will automatically send your location and car's information to Roadside Assistance so they can assist you immediately.

Through the My SEAT App you’ll have round-the-clock access to Roadside Assistance even when you are outside your own country.

Not at the moment. But this type of functionality may well be included at a future date.

The Cost Monitor functionality is a tool that helps you on tracking all the car-related expenses by adding them manually.

Once you introduce the your expenses you will be able to see them on monthly or yearly plots.

The My SEAT app differentiates between yearly, monthly and occasional expenses to make them easier for you. For example, if you add a yearly expense, you will receive a notification when this expense is one month away from its due date. It can be useful for reminding you to renew your car insurance, for example.

The app has the following predefined categories: Car insurance, Car repair, Fuel, Fines, Taxes, Parking, Toll and Other expenses.

Furthermore, you will be able to add a description to the expense, a date and select if it's a monthly or an occasional expense.

If you have a DataPlug paired, when you refuel over 10L, My SEAT App will ask you if you would like to add it to your expenses automatically.

Don't worry. When you select another vehicle, the data from the previous vehicle are saved and will be visible as soon as you select again the car.

This section allows you to create a document where you will be able to register all the information needed in case of an accident. In addition, you will be able to export this report in PDF format and send it via email.

First, access your profile by clicking on your avatar's image. 

Once in your profile, go to the Help section and at the top right-hand side, you will find the Accident Report label. Here, you should select "Add new report" and start filling in all the relevant information.

Make sure you have GPS location services activated on your smartphone. You will also need to have previously accepted the geolocation permissions within the My SEAT App.

When you finish filling in the report with all the information from the accident, you’ll then have to save it. When you tap the "Save report" button, it will automatically open up your prefered email application so you can send it to anyone.

Once in the email application, you can send it to the other driver or simply cancel the email.

If you decide to cancel the operation,  the report will automatically be saved in your report logbook anyway.

In case you want to send it later, you just have to open the saved draft again and tap on the "Send by email" button.

The Car Status function sends an alert via the My SEAT App to let you know about any potential problems your car might have by. These alerts provide you with a detailed description of the problem, some are even automatically sent to your favourite dealer so they can give you further support.

The "Car Status" section only pops up in the Home screen when your car has an alert. Otherwise the app will display a message confirming that your car is OK.

When you have a problem with your car and a warning light is activated, the My SEAT DataPlug will read this information and display it on the My SEAT App so you can fully understand the severity of the problem.  It is important that the app is at least running in background.

For safety reasons, this process is executed when the vehicle has stopped (with the engine on or the access key close by) and it can take between 1 to 5 minutes depending on your car's model.

Soft and medium emergency alerts inform you about the severity of a given issue with your car. These problems are not critical but can become so if they are not fixed. In these cases, the information is automatically sent to your favourite dealer and you will be contacted within a short period of time.

On the other hand, the high emergency alert displays a critical problem that will force your vehicle to be immobilised. In these cases, the My SEAT App will provide you with the quickest possible way to contact SEAT's Roadside Assistance.

In this section you will find a list of maintenance jobs recommended for your vehicle, taking into account when it was made and the total amount of kilometres travelled.

They are only recommendations from SEAT. You are free to do whatever you consider best for your car.

Maintenance plans vary from country to country. So, it is possible that your car model doesn't have a recommended maintenance plan in your region.  In this case, it is better that you contact your SEAT Favourite Dealer through the My SEAT App and they will give you the best support and advice.

This functionality is currently under improvement. In the meantime, if you have a DataPlug paired, only the kilometres will be automatically added.

In this section you will find exclusive offers related to your SEAT only available through My SEAT App.

My SEAT App offers are  common in all official SEAT dealers but only for My SEAT App users.

In the Offers section you will find general offers for any My SEAT App user, and personalized offers only available for your specific car model and year.

Parking functionality allows you to save, display and share your last parking location. You will be able to save the exact date and hour that you parked, meaning you can find out at any moment when your parking time expires. In addition, you can open your parking location with your favourite navigation app and be guided to find your car or share the location by WhatsApp or SMS.

The Parking function only saves  your parking location automatically if you have the geolocation allowed always on your smartphone for My SEAT App.

*On iOS it is necessary that the app is at least running in the background.

If you tap on the arrow icon on the right side of the section, you will be able to open google Maps or Maps ( iOS) and receive indications to find your parking location.

*You must have the geolocation always allowed on your smartphone for My SEAT App.

If you don't publish or share your parking location, you will be the only person that will be able to see the parking location.

Theorically it has an accuracy of 5 to 10m based on GPS technology. However, some other externar factors can have an effect on the accuracy, so we can't ensure an exact indication. For example, if you park underground, the wall thickness can have an effect on the GPS signal.

The Parking functionality allows you to save the date and hour when you parked and to program a reminder that will notify you when the parking time is almost over.

*Make sure you have allowed notifications in My SEAT App settings and in your smartphone.