Our petrol and diesel engines are built to make an impact on you, but not on the environment. That’s because our range of TSIs, TDIs and Ecomotives are high on performance but low on emissions.

The new SEAT Arona

You know what drives you. With three tailored engines, the new SEAT Arona has something for every style. Choose from three eco-friendly 1.0 EcoTSI options from 95 hp to 150 hp, each with direct injection and an automatic Start & Stop system. Reliable and efficient, the new SEAT Arona engines offer reduced CO2 emissions and low fuel consumption. And thanks to advanced technologies like the Keyless Heartbeat button and SEAT Drive Profile, you can continue to move forward with confidence.

The new SEAT Ibiza

At the heart of the new SEAT Ibiza´s spirit are eleven tailored engines for different driving styles, including a 1.0 litre MPI 75 hp petrol engine, or two ultra-clean 1.0 EcoTSI options at 95 hp and 115 hp respectively. With an average fuel consumption from 3.8 – 6.0 l/100. Our Ecomotive engine range for the Ibiza series offers reduced CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Combine all of that with a next generation DSG transmission equipped with Start/Stop functionality, and all of that power translates to a fresher, bolder experience. This is where the adventure starts.

The SEAT Leon

The SEAT Leon comes equipped with a range of 32 high-performing but efficient engines, including common rail TDIs that reach up to 184 hp. Both the petrol and diesel engines are environmentally friendly and comply with strict EU6 emission standards. Of course, for those who want even more performance there’s the Leon CUPRA R’s 2.0 TSI 300 hp that should satisfy even the most power hungry drivers.

The SEAT Mii

You can choose between the efficient 1.060 hp, 1.0 68hp Ecofuel or 1.0 75hp engines. They are born performers that also cut emissions. Alternatively, you could go for the Ecomotive option for reduced fuel costs and lower emissions.

The SEAT Toledo

The SEAT TOLEDO assures very low CO2 emissions making possible a sustainable mobility and respectful for the environment. The models succeed, thanks to their excellent aerodynamic design and their TSI engines to improve efficiency, thanks to the Start/Stop system.

The SEAT Alhambra

The SEAT Alhambra has a range of engines including TSIs and TDIs, which make the most of their direct fuel injection and turbo charging. There are TSI engines that provide up to 220 hp, and TDIs that boast 115 hp, 150 hp and 184 hp.

Aside from the Ecomotive and 2.0l TSI version, most Alhambras make use of Start/Stop technology and brake energy recovery systems, which help reduce fuel consumption and maintain dynamic performance. Best of all, the SEAT Alhambra TDI is also equipped with an SCR catalytic converter (Selective Catalytic Reduction), making the diesel model one of the world's cleanest MPVs.

The SEAT Ateca

The SEAT ATECA offers a range of powerful and efficient Diesel and Petrol Egines, providing TSI and TDI engines that boost from 115hp to 190 hp. All engines are built for maximum efficiency, without compromising on dymamic performance. The range offers an Ecomotive version with Start&Stop technology for maximum efficiency. All TSI engines also benefit from Start&Stop technology putting the environment and comfortable diving first.