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CUPRA’s tribute to El Clásico.

The players who competed at the first Clásico in history are featured in the spot that CUPRA will broadcast before the match of next Wednesday 18th December. SEAT’s new brand, which last August became FC Barcelona’s Official Automotive and Mobility Partner for the next five seasons, journeys through time to the first match between both teams to highlight values such as passion, ambition and determination as the starting point of major events.

CUPRA is making its debut at the Clásico with a spot in cinematic format that takes you back more than 100 years in time to the first match, held in a racecourse in 1902. Inspired by early 20th century Madrid, this piece of art and history aims to show that the greatest milestones stem from the conviction of a group of pioneers. Another goal of the spot is to highlight values like fair play, sportsmanship, team work and professional respect.

According to CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths “Big dreams begin with a few believers. Although football was not a popular sport in 1902, a group of 22 men who cared passionately for the sport gathered in Madrid to play the first Clásico. Just like this historic match, CUPRA was born of the conviction of a team of people to create a contemporary brand that is specially designed for car lovers”.

Filmed in iconic locations in the city of Madrid such as the Railway Museum, the spot is narrated by Spanish born German actor Daniel Brühl and will be broadcast on television in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and Mexico. Likewise, the brand’s message will be reinforced with a digital campaign in CUPRA within the five countries and United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in FC Barcelona’s social media.

Expanding the CUPRA Garage

The spot features the CUPRA Formentor Concept, the first model developed specially for the brand. Powered by a high-performance plug-in hybrid engine, this new vehicle will be made in Martorell and see its market launch next year. Following the launch of its first model, the CUPRA Ateca, and with the arrival of the CUPRA Formentor and the CUPRA Leon in 2020, the brand is going to strengthen its product range with the aim of doubling sales in the next two to four years.

The brand launches a spot that embodies passion, ambition and determination.

To achieve this goal, the brand consolidated its structure this year by defining its management team and increasing its workforce by 50%. Moreover, CUPRA is finalising the construction of its new headquarters, a 2,400 square-metre building next to the SEAT headquarters, which will open next year. In addition, the brand has renovated its competition touring car workshop to create the CUPRA Racing Factory, the facilities where future racecars will be made. The CUPRA Racing Factory was the backdrop where the CUPRA Formentor Concept was filmed for the Clásico spot.

A special agreement

CUPRA and FC Barcelona joined forces last August in a global alliance. Through this innovative agreement, SEAT’s new brand became the football club’s Official Automotive and Mobility Partner and one of its Global Official Partners. With the goal of boosting the image of the city of Barcelona around the world, promoting talent and innovation and creating unique experiences for their worldwide fan community, both organisations are going to collaborate for the next five seasons.

Furthermore, with the aim of promoting innovation in the mobility sector, SEAT, CUPRA and FC Barcelona are going to develop joint micro-mobility and electro-mobility solutions, which will be announced shortly.

On the right path

CUPRA is on its way to closing its second year in business with a sales record. The new carmaker achieved a total of 22,800 units sold until November 2019, which is 74% more than in the same period the year before.

In order to continue making progress in its international expansion, last November CUPRA opened the world’s first CUPRA Garage in Mexico City. This facility is dedicated exclusively to the brand and joins the 248 CUPRA Corners to complete CUPRA’s global distribution network to date.