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“We are SEAT, we are passionate perfectionists”.

SEAT is a dynamic and young spirited brand. We develop and manufacture reliable and excellent cars. The main driving force of the team is to enthuse and exceed the expectations of our customers. All organisational areas are committed to reaching these strategic goals:

Our main motivation is to achieve a higher quality than our competitors in terms of reliability and perceived quality, exceeding expectations of external and internal customers, in the market segments in which we compete. 

The process efficiency ensures the achievement of the objectives and an optimal utilisation of resources.

Training and knowledge exchange ensure the continuous development of all employees. Our staff determines, to a great extent, the product quality and success of the Company. 

Our environmental and social responsibility is crucial when it comes to building up trust, boosting our credibility and enhancing our brand image. Our cooperative relationship with suppliers, dealers, shareholders and other organisations provides a stable and profitable business to all stakeholders.

All employees at every level of hierarchy think and act within the scope of the established processes, and thus contribute, in the context of their responsibilities, to achieving corporate objectives. 

Our goal is to differentiate ourselves from competitors by providing innovative, efficient and easy mobility solutions, , which lead us to be unique in the automotive industry.