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Rescue Sheet

Your safety is our priority.

All the technical information needed for your SEAT, so emergency services can follow the correct procedures in case of an accident.

Rescue Sheets by model

Ready for anything.

Find the Rescue Sheet for your SEAT here. The information is separated based on your engine and the year of your model.

All documentation in this section provides detailed information for first responders with special training in the event of traffic accidents. The specifications and optional equipment of SEAT vehicles, as well as the range of vehicles offered by SEAT S.A., are subject to constant changes. Therefore, SEAT S.A. reserves the right to make content adjustments or changes to the documents at any time. Please note that the information contained in these documents is not intended for end customers, workshops, or dealers. End customers can find detailed information about the functions of their SEAT vehicles, as well as important safety instructions related to vehicle and occupant safety, in the owner's manual. Workshops and dealers can obtain repair information from the sources known to them.

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