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September sales surge 37%.

SEAT’s global sales reached a new milestone. From January to September, the carmaker delivered 454,800 vehicles, which is 9.4% more than in the same period in 2018 (415,600 cars). This result is the highest figure ever in the history of SEAT and far exceeds the record set from January to September 2018.

The company sold 43,200 cars and posted the best September in its history.

SEAT’s sales took off last month by 36.7% for a total of 43,200 vehicles (2018: 31,600). This growth is partly due to the effect of implementing the WLTP regulation in September 2018, which led to a sharp increase in sales in July and August of last year followed by a decrease in September. The 43,200 cars sold also represent the best month of September in the history of SEAT, well above the result of 2017 (39.800).

CUPRA* deliveries have also gained momentum and its sales growth is highlighted by the CUPRA Ateca. From January to September, the new brand sold 18,700 cars, which is 75.1% more than in the same period of 2018.

SEAT Vice-president for Sales and Marketing and CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths underscored that “WLTP regulation had a marked effect on the September growth. We continue to gain market share and the year to date figures show that we stand ready, once again, to achieve double-digit growth. Our goal is to maintain this favourable pace for the rest of the year and achieve a new sales record in an increasingly uncertain environment.”

From January to September, four of SEAT’s nine main markets posted the highest sales volume ever in their history. Germany leads the ranking, and with just one more quarter to end the year, has already topped the 100,000 cars sold mark (104,100; +15.2%). The UK, SEAT’s third largest market, grew by 8.7% to a total of 54,900 vehicles. Austria is in sixth place with 17,000 car deliveries (+6.2%) and Switzerland completes this ranking (9,800; +16.5%). 

Spain is the country selling the second-highest number of vehicles (86,600; +0.9%) and tops the list of brands and vehicle registrations. Furthermore, France (27,900; +19.1%) and Italy (20,400; +25.7%) continue to grow strongly and achieved their best result since 1996 and 1992, respectively.

Other countries also posting outstanding results for SEAT include Mexico (18,300; +6.8%), the Netherlands (9,000; +32.3%), Portugal (8,700; +10%), Sweden (6,800; +23.2%), Denmark (5,800; +52.6%) and Ireland (4,000; +10.4%). In Sweden and Denmark, SEAT sales also reached its best ever January to September result.