Cool. Sophisticated. You.

There are those in life who like to show off. And then there are those who don’t need to.

Exterior design

It feels good to look good.

Designed with absolute attention to detail. Take unique. Shape it. Now move further.

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Full LED

Why hide when you can shine?

The SEAT Leon headlights in Full LED. Design. Technology. Safety. All at once. 

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Exterior colours

Colour it your way.



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Interior design

True beauty is unforgettable.

It’s a feeling. A level of quality and finish you take with you wherever you go.

Alloy Wheels

Let the journey begin.

From 16” to 18” Alloy Wheels, your SEAT Leon has the behind-the-wheel feel you’re looking for. 

DESIGN 16’’ 30/1

Standard in:

Optional in: Reference

DESIGN 16’’ 30/1

Standard in:

Optional in: Reference

Xcellence trim

It’s all about the little things.

Living well is all in the details. It’s about noticing the finer touches that others miss.

FR trim

Why hold back?

Style and substance, form and function. Have it all, then make it even sportier.

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Multicolour ambient lighting

The many colours of you.

Multicolour ambient lighting brightens up every trip. Whatever your mood, there’s a colour to match.    

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Comfort, meet class.

Comfortable? You will be. With the feel of the SEAT Leon’s materials, the luxury is clear.    



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Want to learn more about the SEAT Leon?

Our global range of cars and product specifications varies from country to country. Please, visit your local SEAT website to know more about the product offer available for you.