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5 Arona Xperiences.

The SEAT Arona has become one of the brand’s most popular vehicles since its presentation in 2017. And now, this key model for SEAT has been revamped with a more striking character, especially in its new Xperience trim, and a distinctive off-road aesthetic, to provide even more driving experiences. In fact, there are some 350,000 experiences from people all over the world who have bought the car, and of course from the SEAT team who works on the car every day.  All of them have contributed to making the Arona a success. Below are 5 “Arona Xperiences” that highlight this four-year journey.

The SEAT Arona is one of our most popular, with +350,000 sold in a 4-year history.

One of more than 350,000 reasons. “The SEAT Arona is the perfect car for me,” says Ester Petkau, from Germany. She is one of the most recent drivers to join the large Arona family. She has just leased one and is confident of her choice: “It perfectly combines the character of an SUV and spectacular design”. Together with the brand’s two other SUVs, the Ateca and the Tarraco, the Arona is one of the reasons for SEAT’s sales success in Germany, the brand’s top global market. Since its launch, more than 70,000 units of the SEAT Arona have been sold in the German market.

100% created in Barcelona.

The urban SUV is designed, developed and manufactured at the SEAT plant in Martorell. Vanesa Pérez works on the production line and explains her relationship with the vehicle.  “My experience with the new Arona is special and began two years ago, when I started to participate in its creation. I liked it so much that I bought one last year” she laughs. “I was impressed by its design and colour combinations, and then I discovered that it’s fantastic to drive,” she adds. She is now looking forward to working on the new Arona, which will go into production in the third quarter of this year.

The Arona’s popular response.

Its SUV character, design & technology are just 3 keys that explain its popularity.

Another person who is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Arona is Matthew Beard, a sales manager in Dorset, UK. He explains why customers are so attracted to the urban SUV. “People often ask us why the Arona is so popular. First, because it’s small, agile and easy to park. Second, because of the higher seating position, which gives the driver full visibility and makes them feel safer” he says. These reasons also explain why the Arona was SEAT’s second best-selling model globally in 2020. In the UK alone, 45,000 units have been sold since its launch.

Revolutionary Xperience.

The urban SUV is now renewed and more robust, especially on the new Xperience trim.

An improved front end, a redesigned bumper with fog lights, which emphasise its off-road character, and new features like the diffuser and spoiler contribute to the new, more robust image of the new Arona Xperience. But the real revolution is inside, and SEAT designer Rafael Gordo is the architect behind it. “The interior design was a major challenge” he explains. “We had the opportunity to change it completely, with a soft-touch centre console, larger floating screens, a new steering wheel, illuminated air vents and new ambient lighting technology,” he adds.

Aiming for the top.

Diego Compadre is an engineer who focuses on designing and developing SEAT’s Driving Assistance Systems and was involved first-hand in the creation of the new Arona. “We worked very hard, using the most advanced technology, to provide the Arona with the latest in driving assistants, such as the travel assistant, the side or blind spot assistant and traffic sign recognition,” he says. Diego Compadre’s “Arona Xperience” has taken the new version of the Arona to the highest levels of safety.