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10 car accessories for winter.

Every winter, different parts of Europe are blanketed by snow. Low temperatures, often below zero, snow and arctic winds are common around the continent. However, 2021 has kicked off with the arrival of storm Filomena, and freezing temperatures and snowstorms are expected to spread even where it hardly ever snows. With record low temperatures across Europe, SEAT introduces some car accessories to keep you going despite the cold, snow and storms.

1. A good grip, essential.

SEAT offers 10 ideal accessories for your car to keep you going this Winter.

Ice and snow can be a problem when driving if the car isn’t well prepared. Therefore, when the forecast calls for bad weather, it’s vitally important to carry winter tires or good chains in your vehicle. This anti-slip system for the wheels prevents the car from sliding and improves grip. Although when thinking about snow chains many of us imagine the classic metal ones, there are also textile ones, which are lighter, washable and easier to attach and remove. These are the ones included in the new SEAT Leon, for example.

2. Don’t let the ice cloud your view.

With the coming icy days, if you haven’t been able to take precautions it’s useful to have an ice scraper on board to clear the windscreen. This small tool is easy to transport, and some models such as the SEAT Ateca even have a space to attach it to the fuel tank cover. It’s important to carefully unstick the wiper blades and you should turn on the car’s heating before using it to make it easier to scrape the ice.

3. Too much snow? This is no longer a problem.

If it snows on your parked car or you get to a place which hasn’t been cleared and it becomes difficult to move it, a good solution is to always carry a folding shovel in the boot. This consists of three parts (shovel, central bar and triangular handle) and can be easily assembled and disassembled for use. It has a pointed tip and a saw on the side and comes with a cover for safe storage.

4. Starting the engine has never been so easy.

When temperatures plummet, starting the car can become difficult. That’s why the multi-function starter is the perfect accessory for not getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. With an output of 20,000 mAh, it can start diesel and petrol engines of up to 6,000 cc. and includes the latest technology in intelligent starter clamps to prevent short circuits. It can also be used to charge various devices inside the car.

5. A hot coffee to perk you up.

The cold is annoying, and even more so if you’re stuck in a traffic jam due to heavy snow. However, the wait can become an excuse to prepare a hot coffee ideal for a cold day. With the portable coffee maker available at SEAT’s accessories online shop, you only have to connect it to any 12V outlet inside the car and enjoy a delicious espresso. All you have to do is provide the capsules.

6. Always visible.

Filomena is in the air and the drop in temperature has left snowfall across Europe.

In the event of an accident or breakdown, the more visible you are, the better. The Help Flash emergency light, which is approved in accordance with current road safety regulations and will be mandatory from March onwards, comes on automatically when you attach it to any metal surface (such as the car roof). It works like a lighthouse, with a 360º torch, and an emergency signal to alert other drivers of an emergency. From 2024 on, this Help Flash will replace the signaling triangles.

7. Fireworks to call for help?

If you’re stranded in the middle of a snow storm with poor visibility and no one around, this emergency flare can be used to call for help. It’s a tightly sealed, odourless plastic item containing an oxalate solution in a glass vial immersed in an activator.

8. Shine a light in the dark.

At night, heavy snow can make it even more difficult to see inside and outside the car. This is why the extensible torch can be used both to search for lost objects inside the vehicle (even in the most remote places thanks to its telescopic function) and to illuminate the surroundings if you have to adjust the chains or fix a puncture.

9. Making the most of the situation.

Sometimes you just have to accept the bad weather, but that doesn’t mean that the fun stops: you can enjoy the snow and go skiing (COVID-19 mobility restrictions permitting). This ski and snowboard rack can carry up to 6 pairs of skis or up to 4 snowboards, secured between soft rubber to prevent damage. It’s easy to open and compatible with most roof racks, and no additional tools required for installation.

10. Everything securely fastened.

To keep so many accessories fastened in the boot, a bungee cord is the ideal add-on. This simple accessory can be used to secure the shovel, torch, starter kit and everything else you need safely in the boot, to prevent them from flying around in the event of an accident.