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How big is the Tarraco´s boot?

The SEAT Tarraco was singled out as the “Ideal Car” by golfers and industry professionals at the 11th edition of the Spanish Media Cup. This is because it meets all the requirements demanded by golfers both for daily use and for practising their favourite sport: its practical, spacious and kind to the environment. The load capacity of its boot space was also a key factor. But what exactly is the capacity of the luggage compartment of the Tarraco? We found the exact number in an unprecedented challenge that is ideal for golf lovers.

How many golf balls fit in the boot of a Tarraco?

If a golf ball has a diameter of 4.27 centimetres and a volume of 40,679 cm3, and the boot of a five-seater Tarraco has a capacity of 760 litres, how many will it hold? We found out with the help of two promising young golfers who collaborated in this special filling of the luggage compartment.

Shots with a 56º sand wedge.

For the first few strokes, the golfers use the sand wedge. It is the ideal club to lift the ball and to get it in without problems because of the precision it offers them. Stroke after stroke they begin filling the boot using movements that are second nature to them. “In a day of training on the driving range we hit hundreds of balls, so we’re used to hitting one after another to the same spot without any great physical effort” says Marina Martinez, who’s been playing golf since she was 4 years old.

Gravity starts to win.

After getting more than 3,300 balls into the Tarraco, gravity takes over and some begin to fall out. It’s time to close the boot door, equipped with electric opening and closing and hands-free function, and continue with the challenge from the rear seats. “It’s very convenient to be able to open and close the boot door without using your hands. We always carry around a lot of bags and clubs and this way, just by waving your foot under the bumper, it opens and you don’t have to put your things down on the ground” says Oriol Martinez, who also started golf at the age of 4.

100 balls at a time.

The boot of the Tarraco is one of SEAT’s largest with a volume of 760 litres, or 1,920 litres with the seats folded down. There’s still plenty of room to fill, so the golfers switch from using clubs to emptying baskets. Each one holds around 100 golf balls. One after the other, the balls fall into the boot and they get closer to the maximum capacity: 8,000, 8,200, 8,400... and then one final basket. A total of 8,500 golf balls fit in the boot of a Tarraco without spilling out over the parcel shelf. A true record that shows the storage capacity and versatility of SEAT’s largest SUV.

The boot of the Tarraco.

  • 102 cm deep
  • 103 cm wide
  • 41 cm high
  • 760 litres
  • 1,920 litres with the seats folded

A golf ball.

  • 45.93 grammes
  • 42.67 mm in diameter
  • 40.679 cm3 of volume
  • 352 dimples