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The 100,000km mosaic test.

For the first time, SEAT shows the world one of its cars as never seen before, in a one-of-a-kind video showing the disassembly of a SEAT Ateca. The result is a collage of parts aganst a white backdrop that fit together perfectly like a tetris puzzle.


100,000 kilometres.

After travelling over all kinds of terrain for 100,000 kilometres, this SEAT Ateca was taken apart to take a close look at how well it stood up to the test. “After driving 100,000 kilometres, the car should respond in the same way as it did on day one” says José Luis Durán, a development engineer at the SEAT Technical Centre. And so it did.

4,000 parts.

When inspecting the car’s 4,000 parts, the team paid special attention to the details: engine lubrication, possible dust infiltration, airtight spaces... Each part has its own specifications, tolerances to cold, heat and use, and must be able to withstand expansion and contraction. To end up with this unusual collage of parts, the engineers spent a day and a half taking the car apart and analysing each part individually.