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Under the slogan “Why not now?”

The SEAT Tarraco, with no excuses.

This week SEAT is kicking off its international TV launch as part of its 360º campaign for its new SUV model, the long-awaited 7-seater SEAT Tarraco.  Under the slogan ‘Why not now?’, the campaign aims to encourage people to seek new challenges and reach personal growth, inviting them to set excuses aside, no matter how old they are, and seek out new challenges and ambitions.

“With the launch of the new SEAT Tarraco we aimed to make an exercise of inspiration and encourage all of those who one day thought of giving up, to keep growing. Any time is right for doing something that fulfils us without resorting to excuses like age or distance. The Tarraco, SEAT’s new flagship model, is the perfect partner to share this adventure” said SEAT Marketing director Susanne Franz.

Tarraco TV commercial: What’s coming is better than what’s going

World premiere of the inspirational TV spot for SEAT’s new SUV.

Designed by C14torce, the Tarraco TV spot features different excuses while we see a snow-covered forest setting where a woman wearing a neoprene wetsuit drives to a frozen lake, breaks the ice and jumps into the near freezing water to start diving. With no excuses. In this context, the new Tarraco is presented as an impressive 7-seater SUV that drives us to our next challenge.

In its first phase, the international roll-out of the campaign is taking place in ten countries – France, Ireland, Italy, UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Sweden and Mexico.

The TV spot is preceded by an on-line teaser campaign that conveys different inspirational messages aimed at getting people to set excuses aside. “Age is a number, not an excuse” or “We age not by years but by stories” are some of the catch quotes used by the brand to captivate its target audience, made up of men and women over 40 who can achieve the goals they set for themselves.

C14torce, a strategic partner

This is the 3rd launch campaign designed by C14torce for SEAT and the first to come out of the new agreement between both companies after extending their collaboration for three more years. Led by Amir Kassaei and driven to collaborate with SEAT, C14torce has developed high-profile campaigns for the company such as the launches of the new CUPRA brand, the new Arona and the SEAT Ibiza, among others. “C14torce has managed to grasp SEAT’s essence, and more importantly, the value of our new positioning, which is closely linked to connectivity, the future and connecting with a target that is increasingly demanding, youthful and urban.  Our motto is to ‘challenge tradition’ and C14torce is helping us achieve this” said Susanne Franz.

The new large SUV SEAT Tarraco, designed and developed in the company’s facilities in Martorell and built in Wolfsburg, Germany, completes the Spanish carmaker’s SUV offensive, which also includes the Ateca and the Arona. The new model makes the brand appeal to new customers and strengthens SEAT’s image in the sector.