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Reinventing motorsport

The electric CUPRA e-Racer´s first drive.

CUPRA has taken the e-Racer, the brand´s first electric sports car, to a race track in Zagreb (Croatia) to test-drive the integration of the electric battery pack with the rest of the vehicle for the first time.

Every electrical, electronic, battery, cooling and propulsion system had previously been tested individually.  All the elements were integrated for the first time and their operation tested together on the track in Zagreb, with very optimistic results for the CUPRA team.

Tests confirm the integration of the batteries with the rest of the car´s elements.

During the days of testing, the heat conditions of the track confirmed that the CUPRA e-Racer is ready to tackle the challenges of competition. The initial tests yielded very positive conclusions.

The first rechargeable electric touring racecar

The battery pack on this fully electric touring sports car is made up of 6,072 round cell batteries, which is equivalent to a battery for 9,000 mobile phones.

With these figures, the range of the e-Racer makes it perfectly compatible to compete on the new E-TCR (Electric Touring Car Races).

The data compiled in these tests will be used to continue adjusting the systems, enabling the next step to be focussing on the electric sports car´s performance.

SEAT Vice-president for Research and Development Dr. Matthias Rabe affirmed that “with the CUPRA e-Racer we want to bring racing to the next level. With this we can proof that we can reinvent motorsport and achieve success. Motorsport is one of the pillars of CUPRA, and we are proud of the team that is making this electric touring racecar possible”.