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CASA SEAT closes 2020 on a high.

CASA SEAT is celebrating its first half year and heads into 2021 with the aim of continuing to be the meeting point for mobility and culture, a space that invites the citizens to co-create solutions for the future and energise the cultural life of the city. In line with this commitment, CASA SEAT will host a talk by economist Thierry Malleret on 28 January to coincide with this year’s digital celebration of the World Economic Forum in Davos. At the event, the founder of the Monthly Barometer platform and co-author of the book COVID-19: The Great Reset with Klaus Schwab, founder and executive president of the World Economic Forum, will comment on the implications that the pandemic has had and will have on our society and explore the possibilities of building a more inclusive, equal and respectful world.

In its 6 months of being open, CASA SEAT has hosted more than 150 activities.

Thierry Malleret’s conference will be the focal event of the hybrid activity programming which, in January, will explore the objectives with which each new year begins through a variety of activities. On 15 January, there will be a talk with illustrators Lola Vendetta, Javirroyo and Lorena M. from @hazmeunafotoasí called Propósito 2021: ¡Más humor! about humour as a tool for channelling social and personal resolutions. On 21 January, CASA SEAT will host a round table about the challenges posed by mobility in the technological world and how to apply the moonshot thinking method, based on setting almost unimaginable goals as a path to success. In collaboration with Impulse4Women, the event will be attended by Cintia Kimura (KG Protech), Antonio Cantalapiedra (Woonivers), Helena Torras (Pao Capital) and Nenad Marovac (DN Capital).

23 January will see the first edition of Barcelona Z Sessions take place, a new music cycle that aims to support young artists with great projection. On this occasion, the audience can enjoy the performances of rapper Santa Salut, author of songs such as 90 retro or Yo les cantaré, and Ganges, project led by Teresa Gutiérrez who will publish her third album throughout this year.

The month’s agenda will be rounded off on 22 January with a debate on the role of businesses in sustainable development, which will include representatives from Ecotic, Ecoembes, Ecovidrio and the Corresponsables portal, which specialises in corporate social responsibility, sustainability and the environment. Likewise, for all those who want to start the year learning something new, on 6 February there will be a workshop on safe riding of electric kickscooters given by experts from the RACC Foundation.

The exhibition 70 years on the move continues until 30 January

CASA SEAT is extending the exhibition of historic models 70 years on the move until 30 January to give the public new opportunities to admire SEAT’s most memorable models. In the last three weeks of January, some of the most-voted models by the public through CASA SEAT’s Instagram profile during the co-creation of the exhibition will be on display, as well as other iconic exhibits from SEAT’s Historic Car Collection.

These include conferences, concerts, artistic events and four exhibitions.

Until 16 January, the brand’s track record on the racing circuit will once again be highlighted with the exhibition of the SEAT 1400 B Rally (1957) and the Ibiza Kit Car E1 (1996). In addition, the electric Toledo Olímpico (1992) will return to the heart of Barcelona for another week. From 18 to 24 January, the exhibition will showcase three concept cars chosen by the public as part of the co-creation process: the SEAT Tango (2001), SEAT Fórmula (1999) and SEAT Marbella Playa Concept (1986). And finally, the exhibition will wrap up from 25 to 30 January with CASA SEAT showing three unique examples of the versatility of SEAT models to adapt to the mobility needs of users with the SEAT 1400 Visitas (1954), the 600 Formichetta (1966) and the Panda Popemobile (1982).

The parallel activities will carry on and until the end of the month visitors will be able to continue enjoying weekly guided tours with experts from the Historic Car Collection, obtain a printed copy of the book SEAT: its history through its cars, and savour a bonbon in the shape of the SEAT 600 created by Escribà, which is offered free of charge to those who buy a hot beverage or juice at the café-restaurant in the space. In addition, the CASA SEAT collection is still available on the Filmin online film platform, which offers a selection of films that show the evolution of mobility, society and the city of Barcelona over the last seven decades.

The exhibition can be visited freely during opening hours, from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm. The rest of the activities are also free of charge with prior reservation at the website www.casa.seat, where live broadcasts and recordings of these are offered and the visitors can also subscribe to a newsletter to keep informed of programming and news of the space.