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CASA SEAT´s online global debut.

CASA SEAT is opening its doors to the world for the first time on Thursday 4th June with a virtual presentation showcasing the building, which is located in the heart of Barcelona. Thus, company managers and brand ambassadors will guide virtual visitors through the different spaces and rooms to give insights into the details of everything that CASA SEAT will offer once it can be physically opened.

The digital opening will start at 12:00h CET on SEAT’s YouTube channel.

One of those in charge of accompanying CASA SEAT visitors during this virtual opening will be SEAT Vice-president for Sales and Marketing and CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths. The video will be available in English with subtitles, beginning at 12:00h CET via SEAT’s YouTube channel.

CASA SEAT was created to pay tribute to Barcelona, the city that saw the birth of SEAT 70 years ago, and at the same time, with the commitment to be a mobility hub for the city, a place from which the company can look to the future, promoting urban culture and offering people a meeting point for generating ideas, conversations and facing the mobility and sustainability challenges of tomorrow.