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SEAT resumes vaccination drive.

SEAT S.A. today reaffirmed its commitment to society by resuming the vaccination drive against COVID-19 for the people in the province of Barcelona. As part of efforts to help accelerate the immunisation of citizens, the company is providing its resources to administer various doses of the vaccine. Following the agreement reached with the Government of Catalonia last February, the company is now making two fixed vaccination points available to the public: one at CASA SEAT, in the centre of Barcelona, and another at a medical centre attached to its facilities in Martorell.

In addition to these vaccination points, the company is also utilising two custom fitted "motor homes", trucks typically used in sporting events, which the company used to immunise the public earlier this summer. These will be located at various points across the city and its surroundings as determined by the Catalan government. SEAT S.A. is also providing administrative and health staff, over 100 people, who already have experience in administering COVID-19 vaccines.

The vaccination process will be carried out in strict coordination with the Catalan Ministry of Health, which will establish the action plan. The aim is to accelerate immunisation against COVID-19 in order to minimise infections after the Christmas holidays.

"Taking into account the current situation, in which COVID-19 infections are clearly on the rise, it is a priority to accelerate the vaccination of everyone who meets the conditions established by the Government of Catalonia", said Patricia Such, Director of Health, Safety and Emergencies at SEAT S.A. "This is the way to slow down the escalation, especially in view of the approaching Christmas season. We are very proud once again to contribute our resources to speed up the process, by administering up to 8,000 doses per day".

SEAT S.A.’s firm commitment to health.

SEAT has vaccination points at CASA SEAT and at its medical centre in Martorell.

SEAT S.A.'s contribution has been made possible thanks to the agreement reached with the Catalan government in February. Through this collaboration, the company provided resources to support the public health services in administering vaccines, demonstrating its commitment to ensuring that immunisation reaches the greatest possible number of people in the shortest possible time.

As a result of this agreement, the company has vaccinated its workers and those of its suppliers. The company also provided two converted "motor home" vehicles and staff to vaccinate the general population of Barcelona in areas where it was most necessary last summer. At the same time, and thanks to an agreement with the Government of the Balearic Islands, the company sent three mobile units to Ibiza, Majorca and Minorca for several weeks.  To date, SEAT S.A. has collaborated with the Public Administration by administering 75,000 vaccine doses.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, SEAT S.A. has been committed to helping society. In addition to manufacturing health resources which were donated to medical centres facing shortages (emergency ventilators and masks), the company was the first in Spain to carry out PCR tests on its 15,000 employees. SEAT S.A. also carries out antigen tests on workers -up to 20,000 weekly analysis- in order to detect asymptomatic cases. Thanks to this strategy, it has managed to maintain production with hardly any infections within its facilities.