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An electric-driving future.

There’ s no doubt that the future will be electric. Nearly half of Europeans expect to own an electric car in the coming years, due to their increased environmental awareness in the post COVID-19 world, according to the Automotive Innovation Lab’s report “People, cars and mobility after the pandemic”. Moreover, the electric car will play a key role in the European Green Deal to achieve a climate-neutral EU by 2050. 

A sustainable solution.

Half of Europe’s population plans to go electric due to environmental concerns.

The AIL, an entity dedicated to the research, debate and analysis of the automotive and mobility sectors which is promoted by various entities, concludes that more and more Europeans see the car as a safe haven in times of the pandemic. 70% of those surveyed say they cannot imagine their lives without their cars, although 46% admit COVID-19 has generated greater concern about their impact on the environment. For these reasons, 44% of those surveyed say they aspire to own an electric vehicle and almost half of them expect to buy it in the next three years.


Towards electrification.

Future Fast Forward is SEAT S.A.’s plan to lead electrification in Spain.

Zero-emission vehicles have a key role to play in achieving the EU’s target of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Sustainable mobility is the path that the automotive industry must take and SEAT S.A. is playing a key role. With the Future Fast Forward plan, they will help lead electrification in Spain with the production of urban electric vehicles from 2025 and the transformation the automotive industry's entire value chain.