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Kicksharing in Málaga.

At the Mobile World Congress which was held last February in Barcelona, SEAT informed it would be the lead brand in the Volkswagen Group’s urban micromobility strategy. In this sense, the company consolidated its commitment to last-mile electric mobility by announcing the partnership agreement with electric kicksharing start-up UFO, through XMOBA with the new SEAT eXS KickScooter powered by Segway.

Today SEAT is taking a step further by announcing it is expanding its partnership with UFO with an initiative in Málaga to improve the city’s urban micromobility, a move that follows on the good results achieved in the first two months after its roll-out in Madrid, which now has more than 13,000 users. 

SEAT Product Marketing director Lucas Casasnovas stated that “the SEAT eXS is the first vehicle especially designed by SEAT for getting around the city in a way that is sustainable, fun and agile. As we aim to contribute to improving mobility in large cities, our partnership with UFO is a natural step in our goal of consolidating our position as a benchmark of micromobility.”

Furthermore, UFO co-founder and CEO Mario Marín emphasised that “we are very proud to continue expanding the vision that inspired our partnership alongside SEAT and XMOBA to more cities – to enhance mobility and help create cities of the future, with more orderly traffic and a smaller vehicle footprint. Today we are taking this partnership to Málaga, a pioneering city in terms of micromobility and an example of how to integrate new forms of mobility in cities of the future.”

In collaboration with institutions and the public

XMOBA expands its partnership with UFO to improve micromobility in Malaga.

SEAT continues to closely collaborate with the authorities by listening to the representatives of public institutions to gain insights into their vision of mobility in large cities and establish synergies that contribute to improving mobility in city centres.

In this sense, the company supports the initiative by the Málaga Harbour whereby parking spaces for the eXS are available in the surroundings, in line with the goal of strengthening the company’s commitment to integrating this new means of transport in the most organised manner and contributing to public safety.

“Expanding our collaboration with UFO gives a boost to XMOBA and reaffirms our commitment to becoming a leading player in the field of micromobility. We are confident that we will continue to expand this model of collaboration and innovation with the aim of further promoting solutions that improve urban mobility in large cities. We strive to continue exporting these initiatives to other cities on a national and international level” pointed out XMOBA executive director Arantxa Alonso.

Enhancing the micromobility experience

XMOBA encourages UFO in expanding its operations in the city of Málaga, where it operates with the support of the town council, offering a sustainable alternative of urban mobility. The cooperation agreement between both companies expects to extend the service to other cities depending on how it evolves, and always in collaboration with public administrations.

Through this partnership agreement, XMOBA analyses the mobility data of the service with the aim of gaining more insight into urban micromobility in order to develop solutions that improve people’s lives.