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The new home of the CUPRA Tribe.

A sophisticated brand, which is committed to design, sportiness, innovation and uniqueness beyond the world of cars, could not have ordinary facilities. This is why CUPRA has built a headquarters that fully represents its brand DNA. Welcome to the CUPRA Garage, the brand’s shiny new headquarters.


It has been two years since CUPRA was born and its philosophy and values remain intact: to blaze its own trail. And so it has done with its new headquarters: a 2,400 square metre building on two floors with a spectacular design that is reminiscent of a racing paddock. “CUPRA’s headquarters is the culmination of our consolidation as an independent brand. Having our own facilities has enabled us to increase our staff to 200 employees, as well as to expand our tribe of motor lovers around the world”, said CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths. In order to adapt to future mobility the building is equipped with 12 charging points for electric vehicles.


CUPRA now has its own garage where the brand’s future creations will be developed.

The building features the latest innovations in design, materials and textures, just like one of its models. The building is eco-efficient, where light and temperature are automatically regulated depending on the weather. In addition, the materials used for its construction are sustainable. “The new CUPRA Garage enables us to consolidate our structure at a key moment for the brand; the year in which we extend our product range with the CUPRA Leon and the CUPRA Formentor and expand our international presence. CUPRA’s new home gives us the resources and operational base to continue growing”, said Antonino Labate, Director of Strategy, Business Development and Operations at CUPRA.


CUPRA cars originated on the racetracks, but are created for everyday use. The same is true of the new headquarters. “It will have offices for sales, purchasing and finance, a research and development department for production and racing cars as well as space for presentations”, says CUPRA Racing director Jaime Puig. Furthermore, the expanded venue also makes room for the CUPRA Racing Factory, where the new CUPRA Leon Competición will be produced and where the development of the CUPRA e-Racer, the brand’s electric touring racecar, and some of the brand’s other special models will be completed.


The 3.90 x 3 metre aluminium logo in Cup Copper dominates the façade, a colour which is also used on the wheels and interior details of CUPRA cars. The characteristic natural tones and materials that were used to express the brand’s personality in its models are also represented, such as copper and granite.

Sporty Lifestyle

CUPRA is not alone on this journey. Its sporting spirit has prompted it to join forces with FC Barcelona to become their automotive and mobility partner. It also demonstrates its competitive nature by officially sponsoring the international padel circuit. These alliances will be reflected in its new headquarters, with an exclusive space dedicated to its partners.

The building will be inaugurated on February 20th, and the event is going to include the world premiere of the new CUPRA Leon family.