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All-new SEAT Leon lights the way.

SEAT is adding a dash of the exceptional with the next-generation Leon and putting lighting technology at the centre of the vehicle’s personality. The all-new SEAT Leon adds lighting systems that will make the dynamic, sporty and elegant compact car even more desirable whether viewed from outside or from the comfort of the cabin.

Back in 2012 when the third generation was presented, the SEAT Leon was the first car in its segment to feature the full LED technology. SEAT’s dedicated design and engineering teams have taken the lighting technology to the next level in the brand’s best-seller, to accentuate the all-new Leon’s bold new interior design language.

Externally the next-generation Leon incorporates full LED technology; at the front this means dynamic headlights with a brightness and clarity that will illuminate even the darkest roads. At the rear the coast-to-coast continuous lighting between the two rear lamps, and on start up, provide a striking welcome ceremony light show.

The Leon will also include dynamic rear indicators, making it even clearer to other road users your direction of travel, improving overall safety.

But before you even set off on your journey, as you appraoch the car a SEAT specific welcome light projects the word “Hola!” onto the ground as you activate the vehicle, providing yet another element of style to the latest Leon to roll off the production line.

The new Leon takes interior and exterior lighting technology to the next level.

“Advanced lighting technology is key in enhancing a vehicle’s design. In the all-new SEAT Leon, we have been able to use to great effect to empower its already strong character”, said Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Director of Design at SEAT. “Inside, its wraparound ambient light takes the new Leon yet to another level of funcionality and aesthetics.”

As you take your seat inside the all-new SEAT Leon, its innovative lighting concept enhances the driving experience, with a full LED wraparound ambient light running all along the front dashboard and doors.

The lighting technology of the all-new SEAT Leon has been designed and developed at the Technical Centre of SEAT in Martorell.

The fourth generation of SEAT Leon will be unveiled on January 28th.