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The SEAT S.A. podcast series.

Moving Forward and The Impulse. These are the two new podcasts that SEAT S.A. will launch to talk about innovation, industry, technology and society with different national and international experts. The goal of Moving Forward, the SEAT S.A. podcast, and The Impulse, the one powered by CUPRA, is to exchange ideas and generate spaces for debate on current issues such as health, mobility, innovation or big data. Both podcasts can be followed on SEAT S.A. and CUPRA official channels on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Ivoox.

Moving Forward.

The SEAT S.A. podcast takes a fresh, dynamic approach to topics of interest to society. The first episode of this podcast series addresses the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has posed for society and healthcare, with research physician Dr. Bonaventura Clotet and Dr. Patricia Such, head of Health, Safety and Emergencies at SEAT S.A., as guests. Among the topics they will discuss, the management of the pandemic stands out from a corporate point of view, as Dr. Such points out: “At SEAT and at the Volkswagen Group, we have known for many years that investing in prevention is not an expense, but an investment”. You can also hear Dr. Clotet's opinion about the importance of vaccines: "There is no doubt that all vaccines are efficient and necessary". The episode is now available on audio platforms.

The Impulse.

The spirit of CUPRA is perfectly embodied in The Impulse, the drive that pushes us to act and to be the best version of ourselves. This podcast series will deepen in different topics such as the creation of a brand, motorsport competitions, audiovisual fiction, or the design and development of the sound for electric cars. The first episode, How sound is Born, on the brand’s first 100% electric model, will be available from the beginning of May. In it, CUPRA Director of Strategy, Business Development & Operations, Antonino Labate, and CUPRA Head of Colour & Trim Concept & Strategy, Francesca Sangalli, will exclusively unveil for the first time the sound specifically designed for the CUPRA Born.

Experts in the centre.

Connecting SEAT S.A. professionals with experts to debate and share knowledge.

The podcasts will connect experts from SEAT S.A. with referents in each of the treated areas. For example, Xavier Ros, Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Organization at SEAT S.A., will talk with the president and founder of ISDI, Javier Rodríguez Zapatero, about education and training, while the CEO of SEAT:CODE, Carlos Buenosvinos, will address the importance of big data with the Doctor in Artificial Intelligence Nerea Luis, among others. To Cécilia Taieb, SEAT S.A. Global Director of Communications, “podcasts are one of the many examples of our communication transformation.” “It is a digital format that is clearly on the rise at a global level and allows us to connect with a wide variety of audiences to foster debate about the future. In short, we want to strengthen our community by exchanging experiences between our experts and professionals, in fields like innovation, design, training and sustainability globally”, she explains.

Between all. 

One of the particularities of these two new podcast series is their collaborative approach. In many of the episodes, members of the SEAT S.A. workforce will pose questions to the guests and, in another phase, the public will be able to propose their favorite topics for discussion through company’s social media. They thus become pioneering participatory projects, collaborative podcasts that go beyond the recording studio and answer society's concerns openly.

You can listen to the first episode of Moving Forward on the challenges of healthcare in times of pandemic, now available on the SEAT S.A. channels on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Ivoox.