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ESADE collaboration.

SEAT has signed a collaboration agreement with the ESADE business school with the goal of establishing lines of joint cooperation that boost research, training in disciplines related to entrepreneurship and business management and the exchange of knowledge regarding the automotive sector.

The collaboration promotes knowledge-sharing regarding the car industry.

The agreement provides for the development of activities for the dissemination of the management culture as it relates to the auto industry, as well as providing ESADE students with practical cases to study based on SEAT-led initiatives. It will also encourage the exchange of knowledge with emphasis on the industry as well as the joint participation in think tanks related with the car sector. The research collaboration in areas including data science, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship will also be one of the main thrusts of the agreement.

“The signing of this agreement is another step in our commitment to training young professionals as a way to boost their talent and educate them to be able to tackle the requirements of future professions”, said SEAT Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros at the event. “Businesses and learning institutions must work together to create new collaborative environments that enable us to stimulate the training of tomorrow’s workers so they can successfully rise to the challenges posed by the digitalisation of the industry.”

Furthermore, at the signing ceremony, ESADE general director Koldo Echevarria underlined that “this partnership strengthens the collaboration framework between two organisations that share values and the commitment to training future professionals to meet the challenges involving innovation.”

Under the current agreement, both organisations will reactivate the link established several years ago to establish new syergies regarding training and employability in the sector, and continue to create joint projects related with future mobility.

Grants to students

In its firm commitment to developing young talent and training its employees in light of the transformation of the sector and the emergence of new professional profiles, SEAT is going to give grants to two undergraduates and three students enrolled in the MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and MSc in Business Analytics who are studying at ESADE.

SEAT has the same commitment with its own employees, making training the tool to promote talent and educate the professionals of tomorrow. For this reason, the company is also accelerating the training of its more than 15,000 employees with education programmes centred on digitalisation and new technologies so they will be ready for the transformation of the sector and the evolution of future jobs.

Furthermore, since it was founded in 1957, the SEAT Apprentice School has established itself as a benchmark of Dual Vocational Training in Spain, and has provided education to over 2,500 professionals since it opened. Its syllabus includes up to 5,000 classroom hours (twice as many as the average training programmes in Spain), equally divided into theory and practical clases. In addition, the school has doubled the number of subjects focussed on Industry 4.0 and digitalisation technology, among other concepts. 100% of the students who successfully graduate automatically go on to become SEAT employees.