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SEAT MÓ expands its services.

SEAT MÓ, the company’s business unit dedicated to developing urban mobility products and services, is expanding its range of services across Spain to generate sustainable trips during the holiday period. After the success of the sharing service in the city of Barcelona, the company is committed to extending rental services to other municipalities in Menorca, Mallorca, Valencia, Algeciras and Tarifa.

This expansion will take a special leap in Menorca, the Balearic island, where customers will experience SEAT MÓ’s full mobility system offering eKickScooters, eScooters, 100% electric cars and even a 100% electric boathire service, all delivered through the SEAT MÓtosharing App or SEAT MÓ website.

Mobility will be available in Menorca, Mallorca, Costa Brava, Valencia, Algeciras and Tarifa.

Commenting on this expansion, Lucas Casasnovas, SEAT MÓ Director, said: “SEAT MÓ was born to provide new, 100% electric mobility products & services, without noise and pollution which are fun to ride and drive but also affordable and accessible to everybody. We started in Barcelona with the motosharing service and now we are expanding our vision to the Mediterranean corridor. People using our products & services can contribute to cleaner & more sustainable trips during the summer season.”

The full potential of what SEAT MÓ can offer is being showcased in Menorca, where users of SEAT MÓ’s app can rent different types of vehicles like eKickscooters, emotorcycles, electric cars, and even electric boats, located at the Artiem Hotels, one of the brand’s key partners on the Island. Users will hire the vehicles over days or weeks – whereas previous SEAT MÓ rollouts have seen customers pay by the minute – allowing them to experience the Balearic island.

Menorca will get SEAT MÓ’s full mobility system: eKickScooters, eScooter, cars and even boat-hire.

Thanks to SEAT MÓ’s collaboration with Rebot Yachts, customers in Menorca will be able to hire 100% electric boats at Mahon harbour. The shipbuilder is dedicated to electrifying traditional boats, which will use the same battery system as MÓ 125 scooters. With a use-range of approximately eight hours, customers will be able to traverse the Menorcan coast without requiring a licence.

In addition to the Menorca launch, SEAT MÓ is expanding its urban rental services with the electric scooter MÓ125 to other Spanish regions and cities. The mobility app will now allow users to rent scooters in Inca and Palma (Mallorca), Valencia, Sitges (Barcelona), Tarifa and Algeciras (Cádiz), highlighting the mobility brand’s dedication in bringing clean mobility to Spain.

Together with the rental company Avis, SEAT MÓ has also launched the first 100% electric Rent-a-bike fleet, with MÓ 125 eScooters now available in Denia, Cartagena and Marbella/Sotogrande.

These services will all be available through the SEAT MÓtosharing App.

This expansion during the holiday season will coincide with the brand kicking off its summer campaign, “Mediterranean Mojo”, an irreverent story of summer relationships brought together via SEAT MÓ products and services and aired on different platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Sustainability is at the core of the campaign, which was shot on location in Menorca by The Production Club, a Barcelona-based production company committed to carbon neutrality. Featuring popular TikToker @emmageikie_, the campaign also sees SEAT MÓ collaborate with several Menorcan businesses and start-ups, recognised for their sustainability.

In addition, SEAT MÓ will launch its brand new seatmo.com website during the first week of August, where all products & services will be integrated into a customer centric website.