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SEAT for Business

Drive your business forward.

Ready for more? We’ve dedicated over 60 years of passion and expertise to finding the best fleet solutions for you. 

Fleet & company cars

Driver first.

It’s your journey. Wherever you’re headed, get there smart with your choice of stylish and efficient fleet and company cars.

Content tailored to you

What’s your country?

SEAT for Business range

The choice is yours.

Whatever size car. Whatever power. Whatever fleet you need to drive your business towards success.

The new SEAT Tarraco

More room. To do more.

Too difficult? Too far? When it comes to your professional success, there’s plenty of space for growth. And none for excuses.

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Why wait for tomorrow?

Eco-friendly fleets meet forward-thinking ideas. It’s about building a better business – and a better future that starts today.

Smaller businesses

Small is just a state of mind.

Ready to grow your business? Get creative with fleet cars that can be customised to your small business needs.

Company car drivers

Your car. Your call.

Tech? Design? Connectivity? With a range of advanced company cars and features, you choose the direction you want to go.

Fleet managers

What matters is ahead.

Our fleet cars are designed to keep operating costs down. So you can focus on finding new ways to move your business up.

Benefits & services

Long-term thinking. Fast results.

Fast service. Genuine parts. Network of experts. So you can reduce total cost of ownership, while ensuring total peace of mind.