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SEAT for Business

Start enjoying your commute.

Wherever you’re working from, let getting into the right space start with SEAT.

The heart of your business

Moving you to new places.

Smarter mobility, better living. The SEAT for Business range gives you a host of mobility solutions that’ll transform the way you work.

The power of choice

Where’s your office today?

Let the option to choose what works best for you come first. Get improved efficiency with our SEAT e-HYBRID. Or enjoy smarter emission-free mobility with the SEAT MÓ range.

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The SEAT Leon

Choose a brighter path.

With dynamic design, seamless connectivity and advanced driving assistance. The SEAT Leon, now with extra roominess, is for professionals who are driven to go beyond the expected.

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The SEAT Arona

Get carried away.

When your business is driven by passion, versatility really is key to chasing all your ideas.

The SEAT Ibiza

For the whole team.

How does the best business happen? By arriving at each opportunity, always fully prepared. With a revolutionised interior, complete connectivity and innovative technology, the SEAT Ibiza lets you and all your team approach things differently.

Smaller businesses

Small is just a state of mind.

Ready to grow your business? Get creative with fleet cars that can be customised to your small business needs.

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Company car drivers

Your car. Your call.

Tech? Design? Connectivity? With a range of advanced company cars and features, you choose the direction you want to go.

Fleet managers

What matters is ahead.

Our fleet cars are designed to keep operating costs down. So you can focus on finding new ways to move your business up.

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Benefits & services

Long-term thinking. Fast results.

Fast service. Genuine parts. Network of experts. So you can reduce total cost of ownership, while ensuring total peace of mind.