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The eco way to go longer for less.

TGI by SEAT combines petrol and compressed natural gas for lower fuel costs and fewer costs and fewer CO2 emissions. Good for the enviroment. And your wallet.

*The New Leon TGI will be available from week 4.

What is TGI by SEAT?

The future’s bright.

TGI combines petrol and compressed natural gas (CNG), cutting both emissions and costs. Two fuels, double the benefits.

TGI for Fleet: The benefits

Taking care of business.

It’s about the environment and your bottom line. When it comes to numbers, this is one of the best solutions. Free access to low emission zones, less environmental impact, reduced fuel costs and lower cost of ownership.

* Percentage obtained by comparing a SEAT model with TGI engine while driving in CNG mode to the same SEAT model with a petrol or diesel engine, using official and homologated data of CO2 emissions and average fuel consumption. Fuel prices based on Spanish market.


SEAT Ibiza TGI: average fuel consumption 4.9 l/100 km, average CO2 mass emissions 88 g/km. SEAT Leon TGI 5D & ST: average fuel consumption 5.7 l/100 km, average CO2 mass emissions 130 g/km.