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From 2018 to 2021

Update your SEAT Ateca Navi System Plus.

Please be sure to have the latest map update for your SEAT Ateca navigation system. Updating your SEAT sat nav navigation software will provide your system with the latest updates in new roads, itineraries and POIs all over your country.

Navi System update:

The three-digit number 330 placed at Menu-Settings-System Information stands for the last update that has been released. If the number in the same place (in front of the regional code, ECE in this case) in your Navi System is lower than 330 your Navigation System is outdated.

 In that case, we therefore recommend that you update the navigation data. You can download the full set of data below.

Instructions for performing the update are available here.

*partially implemented

Please note: 
MapCare is not available for UK vehicles. Please note that the only way to update the Sat Nav is through the purchase of an SD card from an authorized dealership.