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What are Crossover cars?

What are Crossover cars?

Due to their size, many car buyers ask themselves: What are crossover vehicles? This type of car is technically a cross between a family saloon and an SUV, and it is also known as a Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV).

They are becoming very popular because of their adaptability, as these cars offer the practicality of a van and the unlimited performance of a utility vehicle. The SEAT crossovers are designed for maximum versatility and performance on any surface and under any conditions.

What is the difference between a crossover and an SUV?

Generally, an SUV is built on a truck chassis, whereas a crossover is like a common car, but bigger. Both usually have the same size, therefore it’s easy to confuse them. SUV cars are made to drive off-road thanks to a 4x4 four-wheel-drive, while some crossovers also feature the 4WD (4-wheel drive) technology, but their primary purpose is to drive on usual roads and cities.

While most SUVs are like trucks in the inside, crossovers are essentially tall wagons with a more powerful look, larger than a family saloon but smaller than a large SUV like an Ateca.

SEAT Arona

This crossover SUV is a very versatile vehicle that can take you from the streets of a peaceful city to the roads of an exciting mountain trip. Test its performance in different situations and discover all the features that prepare it for a comfortable and fun experience.

Confidence is knowing who you are and what you want to say. From the customisable interior finish to the increased front and rear headroom, the new SEAT Arona is at the forefront of design and comfort. Have the world at your fingertips with high quality interior technology like the Full Link Screen Console and Wireless Mobile Charger. And with safety features like the Tiredness Recognition System, Adaptive Cruise Control and Rear Traffic Alerts, you can protect what’s important to you.