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David Calle to work with SEAT.

Educating the generations of the future, inspiring them, empowering them and providing them with tools for their development has always been one of SEAT’s main challenges. And now, with the complicated situation we are experiencing, this vision becomes even more important and proves that education is a key, strategic element for the future of society. This is why the company is joining forces with David Calle, Spain’s most famous online teacher, to become SEAT’s new Education and Youth Empowerment ambassador with the common goal of empowering the young generations of the future.

The collaboration agreement aims to promote an educational change to respond to the major challenges that new generations will find in the working environment and to train them for the future. The common goal of SEAT and David Calle is for young people to be able to train, develop and prosper in a constantly changing environment. To this end, they will work in depth in three main areas: the commitment to new methodologies in education, the digital transformation of the future working environment and the ambition to expand female talent in technical and scientific sectors such as the automotive industry.

At their meeting at the company’s headquarters, which took place at the beginning of March before the stay-at-home order, SEAT Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros said that “at SEAT we want to empower the new generations and help them to be prepared to face the labour challenges of the future. David Calle is the perfect partner to adapt the educational model to the needs that society demands. We both aim to foster the spirit of innovation and talent, as well as to bring STEM professions closer to young people, with a special focus on women.” 

SEAT appoint David Calle as Ambassador of Education and Youth Empowerment.

Furthermore, teacher and YouTuber David Calle explained that “as a result of the digital transformation, the education of young people faces great challenges. With SEAT we have the opportunity to continue reinventing student training so that they can develop the necessary skills and competencies to help them be prepared for the future. It is important that today’s young men and women ask themselves questions to discover who they are and what makes them more curious. In the future, these insights may even become their career prospects”.

A profoundly changing future job market

Technological innovation has led to an unprecedented disruption that is transforming the world of work. This is why the demand for STEM professionals, those trained in careers related with science, technology, engineering and maths, is increasing dramatically. In this sense, this agreement will promote the vision and values necessary for the new generations to become the driving force behind the transformation of the sector.

In addition, SEAT and David Calle will encourage diversity in the automotive sector, empowering young women to see the great opportunities that exist if they choose technical studies. Although 21% of SEAT’s workforce is female, a very high percentage within the automotive sector, the company and Calle want to jointly promote female talent in technology careers and introduce measures into the education system to accelerate and increase the number of future female professionals in the sector. 

David Calle, revolutionary background

The car manufacturer and revolutionary teacher to promote educational change.

David Calle, founder of the YouTube channel Unicoos and the websites www.unicoos.com and www.beunicoos.com, is a telecommunications engineer who gives lessons in maths, physics and science through his websites and his YouTube channel. With more than a million subscribers in Spain and Latin America and over two million views, this channel offers free training for young people and those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to get trained. In addition, these weeks you can also watch his videos on Spain’s TVE in the section “Learning at home”, as an altruistic measure to reduce the digital divide.

Committed to youth

Empowering the younger generation is one of the main pillars of SEAT’s global social responsibility strategy. This collaboration agreement with David Calle is a further step in the company’s commitment to training young professionals as a way of fostering talent and innovation. As a first joint initiative, David Calle will explain to the new generations what it means to study at the SEAT Apprentice School and what the selection process will be like for the next academic year. He is also going to participate in the Apprentice School Open Day, which on this occasion will be held on May 20th as a virtual online streaming event at https://aprendices.seatformacion.com/.