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The new eScooter: SEAT MÓ 50.

SEAT MÓ offers mobility solutions that deliver the dynamic needs of those who live in the city. And now it is bringing a new vehicle to the cityscape with its new eScooter: SEAT MÓ 50.

Joining the brand’s range of eScooters, sitting next to the SEAT MÓ 125 and SEAT MÓ 125 Performance, the SEAT MÓ 50 is designed to bring urban mobility to a new generation; a younger audience* that appreciates the freedom electric mobility brings but in a package more suited to their lifestyle.

The SEAT MÓ 50 keeps all the functionality of its more powerful SEAT MÓ 125 siblings but adapted for a different kind of user. The all-electric motorcycle uses a 4kW – best-in-class in the 50cc segment – electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack to deliver a range of up to 172km from a single charge, enough storage for two helmets and enhanced levels of connectivity.

“The SEAT MÓ 50 brings electric urban mobility to a new generation of riders that enjoys the freedom of moving around the city with no emission and no noise,” said Lucas Casasnovas, SEAT MÓ Director. “The SEAT MÓ 50 delivers the same levels of excitement as its more powerful SEAT MÓ 125 sibling, in a more fitting package for a younger audience, with no compromises on quality, ability or connectivity.”

The SEAT MÓ 50 transfers all of the abilities of the SEAT MÓ 125, mixing its fresh approach to urban mobility to make moving through the streets of our towns and cities easier.

Core to that is the eScooter’s powertrain. It uses an advanced brushless electric motor that produces 4kW of power (7.3kW of peak power) and 100Nm of torque at the wheel integrated into the rear wheel. It’s linked to a removable 5.6kWh lithium-ion battery back that delivers up to 172km in range per charge in ECO mode based on the official test cycle.

There are three riding modes to choose from: City, Sport and Eco, as well as a reverse gear to make manoeuvring simpler.

Taking tech and style from MÓ 125; the SEAT MÓ 50 is now the 3rd scooter in our line-up

Recharging the pack is incredibly easy. The battery can be charged when still in the vehicle, but it can also be removed and plugged into a domestic power socket. Making it as easy as charging a smartphone. The battery can be fully recharged in as little as 6-8 hours from a domestic supply.

But the SEAT MÓ 50 isn’t simply a question of range and recharge times. On the road it delivers a top speed of 45km/h, giving it the agility, it needs to traverse city streets. In Sport mode it takes just 3.8 seconds to reach top speed.

The ride, no matter where the journey is smooth. The SEAT MÓ 50 uses a conventional front fork and single rear shock absorber to help iron out bumps in the road, while ventilated front and rear discs, with the hydraulic combined braking system and electric regeneration, deliver great stopping ability.

A new generation of eScooter rider isn’t solely focused on the vehicle’s road-based ability, they also want a high specified digital experience too. And the SEAT MÓ 50 delivers.

Using a smartphone app, users can track their vehicle, giving information on position and status updates. It also integrates two USB ports so that you can keep phones and other devices fully charged no matter how far you travel. And with enough storage for up to two helmets – or whatever you need to use the luggage space for, the SEAT MÓ 50 is adaptable enough to cope with whatever users need from it.

Underneath its modern, compact design is a vehicle designed to meet the needs of a new generation of mobility user, one who wants an accessible and convenient method of transportation. Its look is bolstered by its colour palette; the SEAT MÓ 50 is available in two colours – Barcelona Grey and Tarifa Blue.

Production of the SEAT MÓ 50 is due to begin in January 2023, while its launch is planned for the first quarter of 2023.

* From 14 or 15 years old depending on the market