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The new SEAT MÓ 125 Performance.

The SEAT MÓ 125 already offers a convenient solution which adapts to the needs of cities and citizens. Now it’s adding a new dimension to its abilities with the unveiling of the SEAT MÓ 125 Performance, a vehicle developed to achieve even more, including breaking World Records.

The SEAT MÓ 125 Performance keeps all of the functionality of the current version but the SEAT MÓ team added new elements to increase its desirability including: boosted motor technology, premium suspension technology, upgraded braking technology, superior seating for rider and passenger and updated design cues.

The result is an eScooter that not only delivers in the urban environment but also in extreme conditions of cold, heat and on the racetrack, taking home two Guinness World Records for the greatest distance travelled on an electric scooter in the process.

“The SEAT MÓ 125 is already a very appealing mobility option for the urban and extra urban environment, delivering an ecological and sustainable mobility solution, but it’s now also a world record breaker”, said Lucas Casasnovas, director of SEAT MÓ. “The Performance version delivers even more excitement to the line-up, adding a range of premium technologies and features to deliver an even more high-end performance, dynamics, safety and comfort to customers, proven by its performance at the racetrack during its development.”

The SEAT MÓ 125 Performance has undergone an incredible journey, tested in some of the most demanding environments to make sure it’s ready to take on the urban jungle.

From the snowy conditions of Baqueira in the North of Spain, to the Tavernas desert the SEAT MÓ 125 Performance has experienced the extremes of environmental conditions and come out the other side. But perhaps its most impressive result was the testing programme at the Zuera International Circuit.

It collected a double header of Guinness World Records: The greatest distance on an electric scooter in 24 hours by a relay team on the 6th October when it travelled a total of 1,430km. But that wasn’t all. The SEAT MÓ 125 Performance also achieved the greatest distance on an electric scooter in 24 hours individually the following day, travelling 1,158km.

The SEAT MÓ team has worked hard to transfer the SEAT MÓ 125 Performance’s abilities from the racetrack to the city. It’s designed to deliver an even more invigorating ride, mixing a fresh approach to urban mobility to make traversing the streets of our towns and cities simpler with increased excitement.

The SEAT MÓ 125 Performance broke 2 Guinness Records for most distance covered.

Powering the eScooter is an advanced electric engine that produces 7,5 kW of power (11,5kW of peak power) integrated into the rear wheel. Now the Performance version offers a completely new element to the experience.

The eBoost function gives the SEAT MÓ 125 Performance a boost to help it overtake traffic. The technology works by delivering an increased top speed of 105 km/h (compared to the standard SEAT MÓ 125’s 95km/h) for 30 seconds. The system which delivers the boost can then be activated again after two minutes. It also aids acceleration, reducing the time to reach 50km/h to 2.9 seconds (3.9 seconds for the standard version).

The surge in performance is matched by the increased braking capability with the integration of GALFER performance brake discs and pads, giving even greater control no matter what the conditions.

The SEAT MÓ 125 Performance provides an even more dynamic and effortless ride with an upgraded suspension system designed specifically for the eScooter.

The rear, fully adjustable shock absorber is supplied by ÖHLINS, and allows users to fully tune the suspension into their riding style with both compression and rebound damper adjustment and spring preload adjustment.

It has been tested to deliver an optimum experience both in and out of the city.

The race bred rear suspension technology maximises handling and feedback on every ride and works in conjunction with the improved front setup developed together with Andreani - with its attractive gold finish - to help the all-electric motorcycle provide an incredibly dynamic and easily manoeuvrable experience even on the most congested roads.

And no matter how long the journey, comfort is guaranteed with the introduction of a high-end seat developed in collaboration with industry great SHAD for both the rider and pillion passenger. The double Alcantara seat in Black delivers heightened treat, helping reduce the stress of riding on congested roads.

The enhanced seat adds to the other visual updates that add to the SEAT MÓ 125 Performance’s appeal.

A gloss black nameplate is now placed on the left-hand side (compared to the initial MÓ sticker in the front of the standard version), improving the overall finish of the eScooter. Tied to this is the introduction of an opaque black front screen, battery cover circle and handlebar stops, streamlining the vehicle’s already modern compact design, and adding a further stylish twist.

The SEAT MÓ 125 Performance keeps functionality thanks to its swappable and easily transportable battery pack. The energy dense 5.6kWh lithium-ion pack weighs just over 40kg but provides a range of up to 137km on a single charge based on the official test cycle. When typical usage levels are considered, private users should only need to plug in once a week and even when the battery has been depleted, recharging is simple.

The new electric scooter is equipped with eBoost and faster acceleration for overtaking.

The battery can be charged when still in the vehicle, but it can also be removed from the SEAT MÓ 125 motorcycle and plugged into a domestic power socket. The battery can be fully recharged in as little as 6-8 hours from a domestic supply.

The dynamic two-tone body gifts the SEAT MÓ 125 a vibrant appearance, but the look is further emboldened with the introduction of two exclusive paint options for the Performance version: Tarifa Blue and Barcelona Grey. The enhanced palette intensifies the eScooter’s sporty and fresh design while adding unique options for the greater performance of the SEAT MÓ 125 Performance over the standard eScooter.

The SEAT MÓ 125 Performance Pack deliveries are due to begin in the first quarter of 2023.


Currently, SEAT MÓ, SEAT S.A.’s business unit dedicated to urban mobility, is one of the main motosharing operators in the city of Barcelona, with 632 electric scooters available. Thanks to an app developed by SEAT CODE, the service has received more than 190,000 downloads since the service launched in September 2020. In 2022, SEAT MÓ has continued its growth with the launch of rental services in Mallorca, Menorca, Tarifa, Valencia, Algeciras, Tarragona and Reus in addition to corporate mobility solutions in urban areas.