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Maintenance services

Leave it to our experts.

A great way to optimise the performance, safety and efficiency of your SEAT. Our experts are specially trained to service your car, ensuring your comfort and safety.

The benefits

Why choose SEAT?

Nobody knows your SEAT better than our experts. We only ever use SEAT Genuine Parts and will always provide you with the best advice via our Authorised SEAT service network.

Maintenance Plans

Why stress?

Service & Maintenance contracts ensure your car’s maintenance is always carried out by our expert service teams to guarantee stress-free and safe journeys. Want to see the plans on offer within your region?

Official SEAT Maintenance service

Your SEAT in top condition

Carry out an Official SEAT Maintenance of your vehicle every 30,000 km or every 2 years to ensure its proper functioning. Our experts perform filter and oil changes, headlight adjustments and battery checks, among others.

SEAT Technical Inspection

Fine tune your SEAT.

It is recommended to perform a technical inspection 3 years after purchase of your vehicle, then revised every two years. Our experts check engine oil levels, brake fluid, antifreeze levels, battery, windshield and headlights.

Wear and Tear Inspection

Trust the experts.

Maintain and replace the parts of your vehicle that wear out over time, such as wiper blades, tyres and brake pads.

Electric Car maintenance

Specially trained for today’s world.

Your electric car requires regular servicing just like any other car. Our specialised team takes care of all of the usual suspects, while also knowing exactly what else to look out for and how to keep it in top condition.

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Maintenance FAQs

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Get to know your car from inside out

Get to know your car from inside out

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Check the simple Steps