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SEAT Tyres Solutions

Good grip on freedom.

With SEAT Tyres Solutions you’ll have everything you need to move forward with confidence and freedom.

With your car packed and fresh tyres on, just enjoy the adventure and we take care of the rest.

Complete Wheels

Seasonal storage.

Choosing the most suitable tyres for each season means an increase in performance, safety, efficiency and comfort, regardless of the weather conditions.

And the best part, we store all 4x seasonal tyres when you’re not using them, and change them when the time comes.

Tyres and wheels

Instant coverage.

Our tyres have the latest technology: AirStop. It means you’re instantly covered in the event of a tyre puncture thanks to the self-sealing technology.

Our insurance offers you coverage for up to 36 months and puncture assistance in the event of tyres being damaged.

Round-the-clock support

We’re there.

Our Customer service offers a professional to turn to in case you need advice and support, no matter when or where, and you can also count on in-situ tyre change for up to two years after purchase.

Wheel accessories

True contact with the road.

It’s all about living the life you want. Adapt your SEAT to your lifestyle with quality SEAT Accessories that are specifically designed for your model. Add-ons that are easy, safe and come with a SEAT Warranty. So, you can carry on doing what you love, worry-free.