Free extended cover.

Back to it. Hassle-free. If your Warranty or Warranty Extension was due to expire between 1st March and 31st May 2020, no worries, we’re giving you a free extension.

Time to move again

Back on the road. Nice and simple.

We think starting up again should be completely stress-free. That’s why we’re extending SEAT Warranty and Warranty Extension that were due to expire between 1st March and 31st May 2020.

That’s right. A free three-month warranty extension, making life easier. So, you can use your SEAT to get straight back out there and visit all those places you’ve been missing.

Range of options

Your peace of mind. From day one.

When you choose from a range of warranties specific to your needs, you can move forward knowing we've got your back.

2-year warranty

No time wasted.

Two years of warranty. For all repairs performed as part of your SEAT authorised service. For your life on the move.

Warranty Extension

Keep the good times rolling.

Want more? Extend your 2-year warranty for another 1, 2 or even 3 years. Same top conditions. Same peace of mind.

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