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Cleaning your SEAT.

Fresh car, calm space. Keep your SEAT looking as great as the day you drove it home. Here we’ll give you professional tips on how to clean the various parts of your car, while providing you with a unique selection of specialist products to help assist.


Clean, streak-free windows aren´t just nice to look at, they’re important for safe driving — especially in rainy weather. To help improve visibility, you should regularly clean your windows with glass cleaner and a paper or microfiber towel. We suggest Clic Box: a kit that includes several cleaning products, with a specialist glass polish. You can order Clic Box online or at your nearest SEAT dealership.

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Plastic Parts & Instrument Panel

To clean the plastic parts and instrument panel in your car’s interior you should moisten a clean, lint-free cloth with water and softly wipe. If you find this isn’t sufficient, use a special solvent-free plastics cleaner and care agent like SEAT Dashboard Clearer: available at our online store or through your nearest SEAT dealership.

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Car floor mats and crevices

Vacuuming your car is just as important as cleaning the upholstery. You can do this either at home using a traditional plug-in vacuum cleaner or at a number of public locations such as your local petrol station or car wash. The simplest option would be to use a handheld, cableless vacuum cleaner so you can do it regularly from the comfort of your own home while accessing every corner of your car. We recommend the SEAT 12 V Vacuum Cleaner which can be purchased online or at your nearest SEAT Dealership.

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Leather care

If you spill or get dirt on the leather surfaces of your SEAT, you should wipe the affected area immediately with a slightly moist cotton or woollen cloth. Ideally, you’ll then lightly vacuum with a soft brush attachment, paying close attention to dust and dirt in pores, folds and seams.

Proper leather care, especially during the spring and summer, can prevent fading due to sunlight whilst helping to keep leather supple and unblemished. For total protection, we suggest the SEAT Clic Box: a kit which includes a dedicated leather care product amongst several other special cleaning agents.

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Ensuring your car is neat and tidy is one way to create a calmer atmosphere in your cabin. When you have an effective system in place, you’ll be able to keep things organized for longer. Plus, your journeys, especially your daily commute, will seem more peaceful. We have SEAT accessories to help you keep organized, from dividers and separators for your boot compartment to between-seat storage pockets for all your en route essentials. Check out the options at our accessories page.

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Keeping it fresh

When your car is kept clean and tidy, all that’s left is to make it smell nice every time you step in. We’ve created our very own SEAT air freshener so you can enjoy the same fresh feeling you got on that very first drive.

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