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Air Conditioning System

To ensure optimised aerodynamics and good all-round visibility, your SEAT needs large, sloping glass surfaces. This means that even a small amount of solar radiation can heat the interior. Fortunately, your air conditioner keeps the interior at a pleasant temperature.

The Air Conditioning System consists of a refrigeration system, heating, a humidity controller and a fan unit. It complements your car’s heating and ventilation system.

The system doesn’t produce cold air, but rather operates on the principle of a heat pump like a refrigerator. Simply put, the air passes through an evaporator and transfers its heat to the refrigerant. The cooled and dried air is then fed into the interior. A compressor cools the refrigerant down to the required temperature. Some systems feature an externally regulated compressor with an evaporator temperature that can be set between 2 and 12º C. This way, the air is not dehumidified more than necessary, decreasing the amount of energy required and fuel consumed.

SEAT offers both air conditioning and Automatic Climate Control (Climatronic) in its models.

All SEAT air conditioners operate in an environmentally-friendly manner and don’t use refrigerants containing CFCs.