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SEAT Glossary

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The term "Kessy" refers to SEAT's automatic locking and starting system that offers the driver maximum convenience because the key need only be carried on one's person but not held in the hand.

The most important components here include the ID recognition in the car key, the electronic ignition lock, the starter button, the control unit, electric locking of the steering column and antennas and sensors in the door handles.

If the driver is in a range of about 1.50 m from the car, the key is identified via proximity sensors in the door handles and the radio pulse generator in the key housing. The car is thus unlocked automatically when the door handle or the boot lid is actuated.

The release of steering and ignition required before departure can also be done electronically and without the key in the ignition. It is sufficient that the driver carries the key with him or her in the passenger compartment at all times. The engine is then started by pressing the starter button.

Just like any ordinary key this car key can also be used for central locking. When leaving the car, the small locking button on the door handles only needs to be pressed to lock the car.