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Dynamic Chassis Control - DCC

Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) is an innovative system that allows you to choose your driving style via a button in the central console. It offers three settings: Normal, Sport and Comfort.

For each mode, the system operates the electrically regulated dampers and steering. In Sport mode, for example, the dampers are stiffened and the steering feedback is greater. This provides a driving experience like that of an agile sports car.

The damping also adapts itself to the respective road conditions. Each shock absorber is connected to a control which calculates the optimal setting for each wheel using sensor data and other information received from the steering, braking, engine, transmission and driving assistance systems. This allows the DCC to continually react (up to a thousand times per second) to bumps in the road, changing lanes or winding roads. This reduces pitch and roll motion and provides optimal settings for every driving situation.