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Front and rear parking sensors

The Front and Rear Parking Sensor makes it possible to manoeuvre cars into tight parking spaces without problems. Even with modern cars, it is difficult to estimate the dimensions due to their aerodynamic shape.

The parking assistant consists of several ultrasonic sensors, which are integrated in the rear and also in the front, depending on the model.

The sensors receive and send impulses in the range of 40,000 Hz. When the impulse reaches an obstacle, it is reflected. The sensor registers the echo. The electronic evaluation calculates, taking into account the time difference between sending and receiving, the distance between the obstacle and the car.

If the distance decreases under a certain degree, the driver will be informed of this dangerous short distance by a warning signal.

The Front and Rear Parking Sensor from SEAT enables a stress-free and safe parking, as well as the use in tight parking spaces, finding thereby parking space in busy city centres, in a more relaxed and successful way. The risk of parking damages and eventual repair costs will be minimised.