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Lane Assist

Unintentionally lane departures are a common cause of accidents.

The Lane Assist makes an effective contribution to accident prevention, whilst the system in many driving situations keeps the car in the driving lane with a corrective steering intervention. This countersteering happens in a very constant and gentle way and may be "overruled" with easily by the driver at any time.

The driver is not obviously released by the system from the responsibility to drive the car deliberately.

The lane departure warning is designed for the use on well-developed roads and motorways. The system is active, when

  • the lane is detected by a camera, which is installed at the height of the interior mirror,
  • the lane geometry (width and curvature) is sufficient,
  • the car is situated in a lane and
  • the driving speed is more than 65 km/h.

The driver's steering activities are continuously analysed by the Lane Assist warning. If the system detects that the driver takes his hands off the wheel, a warning is issued in the multifunction display. The steering intervention is suppressed when the driver actively leaves the lane (with and without blinker as well as overtaking on country roads). If the field of vision of the camera is fogged up during the operation, for example in a humid environment or with wet weather conditions, a specially developed heater of the field of view switches on for the lane departure warning. The field of vision is thus quickly released from fog and the detection of the lane markings is guaranteed.