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SEAT Media System

Featuring a touch screen colour display with easy-to-use car menu, our Composition Media System offers you control over a range of features. You have the flexibility to listen to music through your phone, as MP3, WMA, AAC audio files via the USB, SD and AUX IN ports, or listen to the high-quality DAB radio*. Bluetooth technology lets you make or receive hands-free phone calls with phone status display. You can also connect, charge and control your smartphone and other devices while you’re on the move.

SEAT Media System stands for Radio Data System and is a service provided by broadcasting stations. In addition to the audible broadcast programme, information is also transmitted in the form of encrypted digital signals which can be evaluated by SEAT Media System.

Specifying alternative frequencies allows the listener to receive the best receiving frequency of the programme they are listening to. With a weaker signal, the radio automatically switches over to a new transmission frequency of the same station.

Traffic Announcement provides traffic reports at a preset volume, even if other sources (CD or cassette) are being listened to or the radio is muted. In addition, the system automatically switches within a given broadcasting network from a non-traffic information station to the appropriate traffic information station. Additional information about the radio station's broadcast programme such as title of the programme or the name of the music artists are transmitted via radio text.